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Startup Name PhoSho
What problem are you solving? It’s not hard to figure out that the best memories are ones that come from unique experiences we have in life. If we were to think back (let’s reminisce together) to the times we remember most we’re probably with friends going on random adventures we didn’t have a plan for, or the crazy dare that guy/girl did, spur of the moment trips, hikes, games or whatever. To top that off when we look at photo albums we usually laugh the most at and love the candid shots the best (where no one was ready). Uncle Bob wasn’t even looking, Kevin was picking on junior (and he had a finger in his nose) and doing bunny ears to Sue. It seems like some of the most memorable times are the unplanned, unique, experiences we have in life and PhoSho is all about those type of experiences. Where else can you see your friends posing like Trump, impersonating their girl/boy friends (which might get you in trouble), best beer chug contest (please drink responsibly), or doing a rockstar status picture. These experience are created on PhoSho. That’s why people love this app!

And I like to save the best for last (the cherry on top). We have a feature that when you turn it on gives your friends just five seconds before a picture automatically takes from their camera and posts to the thread. It’s like surprise or catching your friends off guard and you get an awesome picture of it (candid shots – so memorable).

What is your solution? PhoSho lets you share themed moments with a group of friends. Have even more fun with AutoTake! Turn it on and your friends will have only 5 seconds before a picture automatically takes from their camera and post for all to see. It’s like surprising, or catching your friends off guard, and you get an awesome photo of it! Think of the possibilities….A themed moment can be a competition, dare, challenge, or something random you think is worth sharing. Your friends respond with photos of them doing your theme. Vote the best photo up and the worst photo down. When the timer ticks down to zero a winner is proclaimed and everything disappears.

You can pick from a list of preloaded themes or write your own. Control how long themes last by setting the timer, when it hits zero all photos and comments disappear. Select only the friends you want to include – share with one or share with many.

A theme can be whatever you’d like! Just a few examples:

Best Beer Chug
The Mustache
Impersonate Trump
Love is…
Cutest Girl/Guy On The Way To Class
Stay Classy America
Too Much Touching…
Awkward Couples…
What Are You Guys Up To?

Fraternities and sororities all around the U.S. are using PhoSho. Be crazy, spontaneous, or downright weird. Get funky and do friendship differently!

Target Market Consumers
How will you make money? Free
Tell us about the market & founders, why is this a great opportunity? Michael Johnson, Daniel Johnson, and Paul Johnson. Three brothers – one idea. They were all born in Atlanta Georgia (go Falcons!), none of them have backgrounds in programming but they partnered with some of the best iOS and UX/UI people in the southeast and arguably in the nation.Michael and Daniel graduated from Kennesaw State University. Michael with a degree in finance and Daniel with a degree in Industrial Engineer. Paul was so smart he decided to use his operations management skills in the real world sooner rather than later.

Some family details. There were eight kids in the family, yes you read that right – eight (ten including the parents who were obviously very busy). There was always something going on, a lot of competition among them but everyone got along. They always enjoyed being with friends and experiencing new adventures. By the way, if anyone needs parenting advice contact the Mr. and Mrs. who all got this started….

Founders Names Michael Johnson
Twitter Handle @PhoShoApp
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Pitch your Startup, App or Hardware or post a Startup Event or Startup Job

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