Startup Name LeadChat
What problem are you solving? People want to buy from people. Not static websites.
What is your solution? LeadChat increases the leads you receive from your website by 4-8x.We use a combination of data science, neurolinguistics and psychology, together with technology and a real human 24/7 salesforce to engage website visitors and turn them into hot leads. These leads are then sent straight into your CRM.

Any business who is spending time, money or effort on generating traffic to their site and need to increase their conversions.

– increase customer engagement with your brand
– reduce customer service calls and inquires
– capture intangible data (customer sentiment, interest, reason for browsing, and other drivers)
– capture traffic insights (map customer sentiment to referring urls, chat logs and more)

Target Market Businesses
How will you make money? from $99 per month
Tell us about the market & founders, why is this a great opportunity? Gary Tramer – BBNSc trained and developed direct sales teams for Citibank, American Express, GE Finance across the APAC region.

Michael Jankie – founded and sold one of Australia’s premier experiential agencies, servicing Fortune 500 companies.

Jonathan Horne – founded DataGeeks, a company powering big data insights for Fortune 500 companies.

Founders Names Gary Tramer
Website http://www.leadchat.com
Twitter Handle @leadchat

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