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Startup NameGospik
What problem are you solving?Regular persons can\’t make others to notice their opinions, news, photos, videos, etc., unless they have a long list of friends, fans or followers to support or share their posts.
What is your solution?After creating content, of any kind, like news, informations, messages, photos, videos, Users are as important as their social network. If users don\’t have any friends, fans or followers, no matter how extraordinary their informations, news, photos or videos, are, nobody will notice them.
After installing Gospik extension, users can post their
news, photos, videos, where other people are already searching for them, to Google search results page. Gospik extension replaces the righthand side, the sponsored ads side of Google search page, with a New Social Network, where users can interact with each other upon their Google searches.
Target MarketGoogle search users, and those who are not happy with Google+.
How will you make money?This is not the case right now, we want to increase our users base.
Tell us about the market & founders, why is this a great opportunity?My name is JC, and i am the Founder of Gospik. I have create Gospik concept, algorithms, desktop and mobile designs. I have 2 friends, Marius Gheorghe and Cristian Oprea who are Android,web and IOS developers. All 3 of us are developing Gospik and i am also funding the entire project. They are also partners in Youppl Inc. , a US company that have developed Gospik.
Founders NamesCatalin Jibleanu
Founders EmailNA
What type of funding has the company received?Self Funded
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Twitter Handle@gospikapp
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