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Startup Name Ember Technologies
What problem are you solving? As much as we Americans love coffee, we can never seem to get the temperature right. It\’s either piping hot, on the verge of burning your tongue, or lukewarm after moments away from it.
What is your solution? Using Ember is simple – set your ideal temperature by rotating the base of the mug. Using its patented heating and cooling technology, Ember then works to keep your coffee at that exact, desired temperature for hours. The mug is a “smart” device, meaning you can connect to it from our free app. This way, you are able to remotely control the temperature, name your mug, and preset temperatures for your favorite drinks – all from your phone! Don’t worry though, Ember works just fine on its own; the app is just a bonus!
Target Market Millenials, young professionals, fashionistas, business men and women, mothers
How will you make money? Retail sales. ecommerce, and promotional partnerships
Tell us about the market & founders, why is this a great opportunity? 61% of Americans drink coffee daily. The majority of these people have a smartphone and expendable income that they invest in things that make their lives better. With our patented technology, we\’ve found a way to capture this daily coffee-drinking market, especially the affluent ones, as the economy rebounds and they have more money to spend on the side than in quite some time.Alexander, age 39, has built two companies from the ground up, using only profits to fuel growth and innovation. He has created key alliances with several fortune 500 companies and industry leaders, resulting in steady recurring profit streams year after year.
Founders Names Clayton Alexander
Founders Email NA
What type of funding has the company received?  

Series A VC

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Website www.embertech.com
Twitter Handle @Ember_Tech
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