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Startup Name The Safety Compass
What problem are you solving? Around the globe a worker is killed every fifteen seconds; more than 6,300 and 2,300,000 people a year are killed on the job.Our vision is to ‘create a world where everyone comes home from work’.

People working in high risk workplaces are required to navigate, understand and implement complex paper based workplace safety information during the course of their job tasks. Paper based safety systems are often developed without input from at risk workers and are frequently stored away from the work site. This information also varies site to site and business to business, compounding the problem for target market contractors.

What is your solution? Provisionally patented, The Safety Compass app uses intuitive augmented reality and interactive hazard mapping to provide at risk workers with live & location specific safety information. Designed and built specifically for workers (vs management reps) the app allows critical workplace safety information to be taken where it\’s needed to the people who need it most.
The Safety Compass is available in the Apple App Store with Android launch expected late December.
Target Market Power & Utilities, Construction & Infrastructure, industries which employ 20-25% of the global workforce – equivalent to 650-850,000,000 people
How will you make money? Revenue is generated from a user fee of $5/user/month.Early stage pilots of The Safety Compass are underway at Caltex, Brookfield and Endeavour Energy (iOS) with pilots under negotiation at Transfield, Rio Tinto and BMA (iOS/Android). As the target market has significant contractor workforces, the opportunity exists to mandate app use in contracts, reducing cost prohibition and facilitating bulk uptake.

The Safety Compass also has endorsement from the National Farmers Federation and will be included in the NFF\’s Project Streamline & Strengthen portal (due to launch March 2016) as an endorsed resource for agribusiness use.

Tell us about the market & founders, why is this a great opportunity? The target market is traditionally high risk with large static asset profiles and contractor workforces. Globally spread, the market has significant presence in the Asia Pacific region with heavy industry trends moving from US/EU into China & India within the next 5 years.International OH&S Standards allow The Safety Compass framework to be applied to workplaces in any region.

Adam Poole, Founder & CEO of The Safety Compass, comes from a trade background with a M.Sc. (OH&S) and 8 years experience in heavy industry workplace safety. Adam has experienced workplace injuries firsthand and developed The Safety Compass to address problems he saw people attempting to manage at work. Adam has recently completed the Blue Chilli 156 incubator program.

This is a great opportunity to contribute to a company that\’s addressing a huge global problem. The International Labor Organisation states “some 600,000 lives would be saved each year if available safety practices and appropriate information were used” – we\’ve built a product that facilitates this.

Founders Names Adam Poole
Founders Email NA
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Twitter Handle @SafetyCompassAU
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