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Startup Name MileCatcher Traffic
What problem are you solving? Commuters spend in average 111 hrs. in traffic each year!

Some use apps like Apple Maps, Waze or Inrix to get live traffic updates and adjust current trip route but only MileCatcher can aggregate past trips and analyze if a driver makes progress and show where on specific routes the biggest traffic issue was. Driver can then consider alternative route segments and see if different days or departure time made a difference. This feature is unique to MileCatcher Traffic. No other app offers this type of traffic analysis today!

On top of this, we offer live traffic warnings for hard stop and rapid acceleration without hardware dongle and an automatic trip log for mileage deductions without any charge. There is no driver distraction as you use MileCatcher Traffic while driving. See videoefor details.

Available world-wide. Just download app and drive. No need to start app when driving. MileCatcher will start automatically and stop when you finish a trip. Magic! No logging of data when you don’t drive. No sharing of data.

MileCatcher supports imperial units (Miles) and metric (kilometer) system.

What is your solution? Driving app to fight traffic for commuters. Perfect Waze companion.

Get live driving alerts helpful for young drivers.

Expense business trips. Keep perfect trip log automatically. Deduct against taxes or expenses.

“We started more than a year ago focused on helping teen drivers drive safer. We realized through early beta feedback all drivers were frustrated spending so much time in traffic and don’t have a tool to see if they make progress. You can track your weight or steps walked. Now with MileCatcher Traffic, you can track hours spend in slow traffic and see if you make progress.” // Lars Boesen, CEO/Founder, MileCatcher, Inc.

Target Market Businesses
How will you make money? Free. Unlimited use. No ads. No up-sell.
Tell us about the market & founders, why is this a great opportunity? Lars Boesen, CEO/Founder. Previously worked at Entraintech, a Cloud certification start-up and Microsoft/Apple in the US and Europe. Hardware device and business dev background.
Founders Names Lars Boesen
Twitter Handle @MileCatcher_app
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