Abhilekh Verma

I*Love* to solve problems. My entire life I had always focused on bringing innovative techniques to get things moving fast. If you give me a unique product, I will let you frame a rock solid path to reach it out to multiple countries in minimum timeline. I've been able to quickly uncover a customer's pain point and identify the strategic solution. My prime goal has been to educate, train and introspect on multiple industries by helping multiple people from several geographical countries like USA, Canada, UK, Spain, Italy, India, Singapore, Indonesia, Russia, Turkey, Germany, France, South Africa,North Africa, Japan, China, Australia, Denmark, Sweden, Uruguay, Costa Rica, Vietnam grow faster and get their goals accomplished. I have taught BBA/MBA college subjects like Marketing, Corporate Laws, Business Laws, Strategic Management, Economics & Statistics to students and also had experience into Entrepreneurship with Business Development. Worked with CEOs of Air Help (Denmark), Startup 88 (Australia), Better Price Ltd (UK) and with PhDs from cities like Paris, Amsterdam, Turkey & Germany. Delivered Speaker Sessions to: 1. UPES Dehradun- MBA Logistics Students & Faculty Members 2. ITM Navi Mumbai- MBA Marketing Students 3. Coin News Extra Media (Nigeria, South Africa)- Cryptocurrency & Blockchain (7 episodes) 4. Time to Shine Today (Michigan, USA)- Journey as a Blogger, Copywriter, Book Author & Coach 5. Rotary Club, Nashik- How LinkedIn Algorithm Works & Personal Branding Tips Conducted Mock Interviews for: 1. ITM Navi Mumbai- MBA Marketing Students Mentored students globally for internship and job opportunities for: 1. Bachelors in Engineering & Technology, BCA 2. BBA (Marketing & HR) 3. MBA (Marketing & Finance) My specialities: + Management Strategy + Customer, Partner & Client Relations + Sales Management + Process & Operations Management + Data Mining & AI + Marketing & Brand Strategy + Growing Startups & Small & Medium Enterprises + Nurturing Connections I enjoy meeting new people, learning new languages and publishing articles, blogs, books and most important sharing wisdom to multiple stakeholders in as many industries I got opportunity. If you would like to collaborate with me on any ideas, feel free to contact me: [email protected] Alternatively, book me for a quick discussion: https://calendly.com/abhilekh_verma

MileCatcher Traffic

Startup Name MileCatcher Traffic
What problem are you solving? Commuters spend in average 111 hrs. in traffic each year!

Some use apps like Apple Maps, Waze or Inrix to get live traffic updates and adjust current trip route but only MileCatcher can aggregate past trips and analyze if a driver makes progress and show where on specific routes the biggest traffic issue was. Driver can then consider alternative route segments and see if different days or departure time made a difference. This feature is unique to MileCatcher Traffic. No other app offers this type of traffic analysis today!

On top of this, we offer live traffic warnings for hard stop and rapid acceleration without hardware dongle and an automatic trip log for mileage deductions without any charge. There is no driver distraction as you use MileCatcher Traffic while driving. See videoefor details.

Available world-wide. Just download app and drive. No need to start app when driving. MileCatcher will start automatically and stop when you finish a trip. Magic! No logging of data when you don’t drive. No sharing of data.

MileCatcher supports imperial units (Miles) and metric (kilometer) system.

What is your solution? Driving app to fight traffic for commuters. Perfect Waze companion.

Get live driving alerts helpful for young drivers.

Expense business trips. Keep perfect trip log automatically. Deduct against taxes or expenses.

“We started more than a year ago focused on helping teen drivers drive safer. We realized through early beta feedback all drivers were frustrated spending so much time in traffic and don’t have a tool to see if they make progress. You can track your weight or steps walked. Now with MileCatcher Traffic, you can track hours spend in slow traffic and see if you make progress.” // Lars Boesen, CEO/Founder, MileCatcher, Inc.

Target Market Businesses
How will you make money? Free. Unlimited use. No ads. No up-sell.
Tell us about the market & founders, why is this a great opportunity? Lars Boesen, CEO/Founder. Previously worked at Entraintech, a Cloud certification start-up and Microsoft/Apple in the US and Europe. Hardware device and business dev background. https://www.linkedin.com/in/larsboesen
Founders Names Lars Boesen
Website http://milecatcher.com
Twitter Handle @MileCatcher_app
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Forcite Alpine – Smart Snow Sports Helmet

Ed: Im a big fan of these guys, I met Alfred 2 years ago at the University of NSW when they were pitching the original Motorcycle Helmet concept (I include an original sketch below) and wrote an article on them 2 years ago

They are one of the few people to win the coveted Red Dot award and a Silver in the Dyson Innovation Awards while still in their 20s.

Forcite Police Helmet UNSW

Forcite Police Helmet UNSW

They have come a long way from the early days and are now ready to go into production with the new Alpine Smart Snow Helmet.

forcite2 forcite4 forcite5 forcite6

Forcite is running a Kickstarter Campaign for the first orders for the Alpine Smart Snow Helmet you can preorder one here.

Startup Name Forcite Helmet Systems
What problem are you solving? Forcite Helmet aims to address the problem of people having the need for wearable technology within a snow environment and resorting to attaching multiple components together that end up being hazardous and inconvenient to use.
What is your solution? The Forcite Alpine safely integrates a 4K high definition camera, 200m bluetooth/wifi communications capabilities, effortless analytical tracking and ability to share your adventures with your friends at the simple press of a button. It safely integrates these components within a specially designed helmet package that gives users all the benefits of the components typically put together by snow sports enthusiasts.
Target Market Snow Sports enthusiast
How will you make money? Predominantly through product sales
Tell us about the market & founders, why is this a great opportunity? The market opportunity for Forcite is boundless as the electrical system created at Forcite Helmet Systems is completely modular and easily integrated into different product tiers e.g. motorcycle helmets, hardhats etc. At the company’s core, this is what makes Forcite much more competitive than other companies.

We’ve chosen to use the snow helmet as the preliminary testing bed for our electronics and delivery system to work out the best method of integration for all product tiers across the board. The snow sports market is globally a US $5.5 billion per year market.

The founders Alfred Boyadgis and Julian Chow are award winning Industrial Designers who believe that it’s time to bring the century old helmet into the 21st century through innovation and ingenuity.

Founders Names Alfred Boyadgis & Julian Chow
What type of funding has the company received? Angel
Website www.forcite.com.au
Twitter Handle @forcitehelmets
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SaaS Invaders – 4 SAAS Deals & Discounts Each Week

Have a look here before you sign up to any SAAS service to see if there is a discount on offer.

Startup Name SaaS Invaders
What problem are you solving? For startups / partners : we offer better visibility
What is your solution? Private sales website of SaaS web tools for Startups. Every week SaaS Invaders lets discover a selection of 4 web tools with great discount.
Target Market Startup profiles
How will you make money? We take a percentage on sales
Tell us about the market & founders, why is this a great opportunity? Member side : This website doesn’t provide an infinite number of solution but renewed every time with new offers and new discounts; the member is not lost but instead accompanied contrast to all other websites which are actually directories and he can get discounts on web tools for free.
Partner side: The same, editor has a better visibility and he is not lost with lot of apps.
Founders Names Tom Benattar ; Fabien Gensane
What type of funding has the company received? Government Grants
Website http://www.saas-invaders.co/
Twitter Handle @saasinvaders
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Privy.com – Email Marketing Capture System

Startups should spend the time to build an email list, there is no better way to keep contact with your prospective customers. A lot of people don’t like popups forms however they are the most effective way to grow your list.

A year ago trying to find a way to get help grow your newsletter was a pain to organise. Basically you had to work out how to get Javascript code to launch a popup and capture emails for you.

Now we have a bunch of 3rd party systems that provide similar functions, we use Sumo.me and its pretty good but the one thing none of these guy have got right is integrating and connecting their data with other parts of your marketing systems.

Its good they connect to a few email newsletter systems but there are no connectors to CRMs or system such as Zappier or IFFT or integrate to your WordPress install.

No one has managed to get the Newsletter system, email address capture and CRM and social network data capture working together they are still all islands.

PS Mailchimp is not a great solution for WordPress users, trying to get new articles from Wordpress can’t be done automatically, its a manual cut and paste job.

Startup Name Privy.com
What problem are you solving? Privy’s website popup and mobile landing page tool help marketers rapidly grow their email list from inbound or paid channels.
What is your solution? Email remains the strongest form of customer relationship, yet the tools and techniques required for growing your email list depend largely on IT implementation and maintenance. The privy product works after one easy installation, then every campaign is designed and executed from the Privy dashboard.
Target Market marketers or business owners looking to grow their email list
How will you make money? Sales
Tell us about the market & founders, why is this a great opportunity? experts in small business marketing, retail marketing and data
Founders Names Ben Jabbawy
Website http://privy.com
Twitter Handle @privy
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erplain – Slick Accounting Package for SMEs

Ed: I know accounting is a bit boring (I have an accounting degree so I can joke about it), most accounting packages interfaces make you want to puke, they mostly look like they were designed by the same designers responsible for East London public housing towers.

We get regular pitches for all sorts of accounting and billing packages but most of them are usually unremarkable or worse, just plain terrible, so I spare you the effort.

Occasionally we get one that looks great and erplain actually looks like you would really like to use it.

My only complaint is the name really grates on me, I know it is a play on ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) but for some reason it makes me cringe.

Startup Name erplain
What problem are you solving? We have worked for many years with start-ups and small businesses. We recognize that managing and expanding your business is difficult enough without wasting valuable time and resources on unreliable and unaffordable systems.With erplain you will be able to instantly know your sales numbers, which orders have been shipped, which invoices have been paid, follow-up with your customers, and much more.
What is your solution? erplain is a web-based, integrated solution to manage your customers, sales and inventory. We understand that changing systems can be stressful so we made erplain very simple to implement and very intuitive. We can easily import your excel datasheets and export other data as much as you like. You will become an erplain guru in no time! We want to share erplain with other businesses so they too can focus on growth and profitability instead of time consuming processes (win-win).
Target Market Businesses
How will you make money? 21 days trial then, $16/month or $40/month (USD).
Tell us about the market & founders, why is this a great opportunity? We are a team of individuals, passionate about what technology brings to the world. Modern technologies help businesses be more efficient, accurate and connected at any time, from anywhere. We believe that these benefits shouldn’t be limited to large businesses who can afford to spend thousands in upfront costs, training, licenses and maintenance fees.
Founders Names Edouard Gabaudan
What type of funding has the company received?
Website http://erplain.com
Twitter Handle @erplainapp
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IoT Maker Meetup @ The Columbus Idea Foundry 25 Aug

Event Name IoT Maker Meetup @ The Columbus Idea Foundry
Event Details We want to meet the entrepreneurs, makers, and innovators of Columbus, Ohio! Anyone with great ideas and skills who wants to learn and collaborate on turning those ideas into marketable businesses should attend.Expect:
– Seminars and talks about IoT, technology, and entrepreneurship
– Networking with Columbus’ finest
– Free foodThis is ContentVia’s 3rd ever IoT Meetup and it’s going to be bigger and better than ever.
Address (Address, City, Country) 435 W. State St
Date 8/25/2015
Organiser (person, company, org) Ryan McManus & ContentVia
Link to Tickets https://www.facebook.com/events/481655092009774/
Your Website www.Contentvia.com
Twitter Handle or Hashtag @Rynmcmns
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Shufl – Sharing Economy App? Whatever.

Ed: The pitch below is exactly as submitted.

The site looks slick, I just don’t know what to make of the landing page and the business/app.

I buy that we are moving to a sharing economy, but the app seems like a combination of FourSquare, Ebay and a social network and it’s just not clear what I would or should do with it.

It lacks a compelling use case a new user can wrap their head around. It’s just so casual about the mission that I might have missed it.

The Mobile App is still in development but after a bit of digging around on the site I found the Web app. It looks very slick but there is still this nagging doubt that I just don’t know what Im supposed to do with it.


Is a social network? Is it a curated list of places to visit in each city? What am I supposed to sell or buy there?

It’s still in beta in Toronto (which means the photos look great) no dates for expansion to US or other countries.

Foursquare, Yelp & Facebook pretty well own local by virtue of the network effects they have built even if they are not a slick looking as the Shufl web app.

Guys – Think we need a bit more marketing focus on the core benefit of why a user or seller/store/venue would use the app and what is the first step to get them activated.


Startup Name


What problem are you solving? Lack of connectivity and access within local communities.
What is your solution? An open and flexible marketplace – infrastructure for the sharing economy.
Target Market Friendly millenial minimalists
How will you make money? Nothing crazy, it’s still a marketplace. We have some cool ideas though.
Tell us about the market & founders, why is this a great opportunity? Before Airbnb most people would never have thought of renting a room from someone they didn’t know. We want to create a platform so people can bring whatever they have to offer to the table, whether that’s stuff you’d normally find on Kijiji or selling homemade smoothies out of your driveway. What you offer is up to you.
Founders Names Aubrey, Sascha, Francis, Paul, Rishabh, Ceeser, Ash
What type of funding has the company received? Bootstrap
Website http://shufl.it
Twitter Handle @getshufl

EventBlocks – Hotel Booking for Conference Travel

Ed: Might be useful but not earth-shattering. Makes the process of getting a hotel or group booking reasonably close to a convention a bit easier. All the events appeared to be US based only but a pretty comprehensive list (though few IT related events, mostly medical)

Not clear there is a lot of value here over any of the other travel sites, unless they work out to be substantially cheaper than group bookings, on that basis alone you would give it a try for US based events.

Startup Name EventBlocks
What problem are you solving? From our extensive research, we’ve found that the ‘group rates’ advertised by many large events are seldom the best option available. We’ve been able to find a cheaper hotel rate within walking distance at over 90% of events in major cities
What is your solution? EventBlocks lets users easily compare nearby hotel options from multiple sources, including group rates not listed on other sites, to find the best room at the lowest price.
Target Market Travelers, Conventions, Tradeshows, Festivals
How will you make money? Subscriptions/Advertisement
Founders Names Greg Young
Website http://www.eventblocks.com/
What type of funding has the company received? Bootstrap
Twitter Handle @EventBlocks