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Dec 12, 2015

MileCatcher Traffic

Startup Name MileCatcher TrafficWhat problem are you solving? Commuters spend in average 111 hrs. in traffic each year!

Some use apps like Apple Maps, Waze or Inrix to get live traffic updates and adjust current trip route but only MileCatcher can aggregate past trips and analyze if a driver makes progress and show where on specific routes the biggest traffic issue was. Driver can then consider alternative route segments and see if different days or departure time made a difference. This feature is unique to MileCatcher Traffic. No other app offers this type of traffic analysis today!

On top of this, we offer live traffic warnings for hard stop and rapid [...]

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Oct 1, 2015

Forcite Alpine – Smart Snow Sports Helmet

Ed: Im a big fan of these guys, I met Alfred 2 years ago at the University of NSW when they were pitching the original Motorcycle Helmet concept (I include an original sketch below) and wrote an article on them 2 years ago

They are one of the few people to win the coveted Red Dot award and a Silver in the Dyson Innovation Awards while still in their 20s.

Forcite Police Helmet UNSW

They have come a long way from the early days and are now ready to go into production with the new Alpine Smart Snow Helmet.

Forcite is running a Kickstarter Campaign for the first orders for the Alpine Smart Snow Helmet you can preorder one [...]

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Sep 8, 2015

SaaS Invaders – 4 SAAS Deals & Discounts Each Week

Have a look here before you sign up to any SAAS service to see if there is a discount on offer.

Startup Name SaaS InvadersWhat problem are you solving? For startups / partners : we offer better visibilityWhat is your solution? Private sales website of SaaS web tools for Startups. Every week SaaS Invaders lets discover a selection of 4 web tools with great discount.Target Market Startup profilesHow will you make money? We take a percentage on salesTell us about the market & founders, why is this a great opportunity? Member side : This website doesn’t provide an infinite number of solution but renewed every time with new offers and new discounts; the [...]
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Aug 21, 2015 – Email Marketing Capture System

Startups should spend the time to build an email list, there is no better way to keep contact with your prospective customers. A lot of people don’t like popups forms however they are the most effective way to grow your list.

A year ago trying to find a way to get help grow your newsletter was a pain to organise. Basically you had to work out how to get Javascript code to launch a popup and capture emails for you.

Now we have a bunch of 3rd party systems that provide similar functions, we use and its pretty good but the one thing none of these guy have got right is integrating and connecting their data with other parts of your marketing [...]

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