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Startup NamePhazon
What problem are you solving?Do any of your earbuds fall out sometimes? Or worse, have you ever felt that the wires from your headphones were inconvenient?
What is your solution?The Phazon earbuds are wireless, waterproof and have a snug fit. You can experienced any kind of sports and listen to your music and enjoying total freedom. On top of that, we built the world’s first one size fits all wireless earbuds (patent pending). Any kind of ears will fit from teenagers to seniors (500 people tested).
Target Marketconsumers
How will you make money?through sales
Tell us about the market & founders, why is this a great opportunity?Chris Houle
The creative/business guy. He got the idea of the earbuds while he wanted to go workout with a wireless solution. He wasn’t satisfied with was on the market so he carved out the ultimate design, a one-size-fits-all earbud piece. He then gathered a motivated and a competent team to get the electronics done. He is responsible of the business development and marketing. He graduated in accounting and mastered in taxation. Christian is a CPA. He played pro football a few years agoFred Besner
The head electronic guy. Frederic graduated in electrical engineering at the university of Montreal. He took a special interest in PCB design and bluetooth protocol. One of his project was to shoot a rocket 50 000 feet in the air with an hybrid engine. He actually implemented a bluetooth protocol for the launching sequence.
Founders NamesChris Houle
Twitter Handle@Phazonaudio
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