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What problem are you solving? is an easy to use tool to spend more time with your friends, instantly nearby or later elsewhere. Just with one ping, no calling, no texting.Everyday life is getting more and more digital and the actual time spent with friends and family is getting less. There are so many opportunities to meet with people you love, if only you would know where they are at the moment, which friends are currently nearby and are available. If only you would know their current status and plans for later that day.

Being aware of those barriers it was the time to invent a tool to meet friends spontaneously, to schedule appointments at any place within a click, rather than contacting each separately and waiting on response a long time, while passively consuming lost opportunities in the ‘social web’.

That’s why will support real life connections and relationships for everyone to increase quality time again. doesn’t collect data. You are invisible to strangers. We do not track your position. Your Pings (messages) are automatically deleted after 24hours. And we do not even know your name and mobile phone number. We only have an encrypted key in our database.

What is your solution? bridges the gap between available time and availability of friends to increase social contacts in real life by simply using the mobile device in your pocket. Even with those friends you might not think of or you‘ve lost touch with.
Target Market Friends, family, students, co-workers, colleague, singles, companies with loyalty programs
How will you make money? Through Sales
Tell us about the market & founders, why is this a great opportunity? Three founders stand behind the app. Driven by the idea to develop a simple tool that enables people to meet their friends more often, a media expert, an app development specialist and a marketing veteran teamed up to Their collective expertise, enthusiasm and their wish to provide a great tool for people around the world to spend more time with their friends, represent the ingredients for this successful app.
Founders Names Stefan Unterberg
Twitter Handle @mappleme
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Pitch your Startup, App or Hardware or post a Startup Event or Startup Job

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