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Startup Name The Ark Labs
What problem are you solving? The world needs The Ark so we can begin the process of making each and every house as water efficient as possible. This will enable our planet to begin preserving as much of this precious resource as possible. We are leading the way to a sustainable America.
What is your solution? The Ark, powered by Ark Labs, is a smart monitoring device packed with a remote shutoff valve that is empowered by artificial intelligence software. The Ark will learn your water usage. For example, we will be able to tell how many times you used your dishwasher or flushed your toilet. Then when there is an anomaly or deviation from the norm based on our cognitive learning of your usage, The Ark will alert the homeowner through our smart phone app. If there is significant jump, then The Ark will go ahead and shut off the water flow while alerting the homeowner.
Target Market Businesses
How will you make money? $249 flat fee
Tell us about the market & founders, why is this a great opportunity? Robbie Hillis – Founder/CEO: Robbie has over 15 years of sales and marketing experience running a successful inbound marketing company.
Scott Morris – Strategic Partnerships: Scott is a perpetual entrepreneur having started and managed several different enterprises over the last 20 years.
Mack Cornwell – Business Development: Mack has a background in manufacturing and supply.
Rodney Robbins – Design: Rodney also is an entrepreneur having started and managed his own business. Rodney has over 67 patents to his credit.
Jerry Robbins – Chief Architect: Jerry brings his expertise in software to the team. Jerry has helped develop and deploy software in several different verticals.
Founders Names Robbie Hillis
Founders Email NA
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Twitter Handle TheArkLabs
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