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Startup Name Newspaper
What problem are you solving? We match content with teams.Most people actively seek to improve their skills and stay on edge with their speciality, but this is a very time consuming process of sifting through loads of stuff in order to find the gem.

With Newspaper you no longer have to do this.

Our vision is to deliver the *right content* at the *right time*.
*right content* in the context of the individual, time and team.
*right time* could be the difference of a long article in the evening or a quick overview on the way to work or could be the stage you are at in your learning on that topic.

Newspaper is your silent partner that makes learning more effective

What is your solution? Add the Add-on to your Slack team and choose from an ever expanding range of topics that are relevant to you and your team.Our topics cover everything that a team using Slack may need, from startup news, though to growth hacking, front-end technologies, programming languages and devops.

When you have subscribed a channel to a topic, Newspaper periodically sends the most relevant content straight to the channel.

As Slack is replacing email, Newspaper is replacing traditional newsletters and feed readers with a system personalised to yourself and your team, from within Slack.

Target Market teams using Slack
How will you make money? through sales
Tell us about the market & founders, why is this a great opportunity? Jason Green: Entrepreneur focused on transformation and high growth.
He has worked in VC and privately funded companies where he has built and ran several successful teams.

Jason was CTO at Brainly in Krakow, Poland (student Q&A platform with 60 million monthly unique visitors and series A of $9million lead by General Catalyst) before leaving to co-found Newspaper). Previous to this he was CTO at Wimdu in Berlin, Germany ($90million in funding lead by Rocket Internet) where he ran a team of 60 in Product & Engineering. Prior to this Jason co-founded and ran one of the leading Ruby consultancies in the UK (Dynamic50) and a headhunting company (Ruby50).

Andreas Wolff: Is an experienced leader and a tech visionary.
He and Jason worked together before and he was previously Head of Platform at Brainly (responsible for leading a transition to a Microservice architecture and head of the Berlin Office) and VP Engineering at Wimdu. He also co-founded Versus (raised $2.8m from Earlybird in 2013) and worked as a senior engineer at MTV.

Founders Names Jason Green
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Twitter Handle @newspaperio
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Pitch your Startup, App or Hardware or post a Startup Event or Startup Job

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