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Startup Name Sunshine – Large File Sharing
What problem are you solving? While the majority of competitors are great companies that offer users a potpourri of choices, Sunshine improves on file sharing in the following ways: speed, security, and the lack of file limits. Sunshine shares, streams, and transfers large files at a rate much faster than its competitors. Because Sunshine uses direct sharing technology, and does not send the actual files to a cloud or server, it is nearly impossible for anyone to access your files when sharing. More importantly, no 3rd-party (including Sunshine) can see the file of your contents; an increasing concern with data breaches and surveillance. Finally, Sunshine allows you to transfer or share almost any file type, size, or count – without limits.In a time where companies are still charging for storage even when space is becoming increasingly available and limitless, the next winner in file sharing will be the product that figures out how to transfer large amounts of files faster, safer, and easier. We believe that Sunshine is that next winner.
What is your solution? Sunshine is the next step in file sharing, allowing you to Transfer, share, or backup large files instantly – without the cloud.
• Transfer huge files in seconds. Any file type, size, or count – music, photos, videos, documents – for free
• HD streaming of videos, photos, and music in-app. Stream to Smart TVs
• Sunshine share directly from device to device – no cloud or server will ever see the contents of your files when transferring\\
• New beta! – Backup files quickly to your mac/pc, and delete files off your device to free up storage spaceSunshine is the next step in file sharing, enabling you to access, display and share files across any of your devices – without using cloud storage. Unlike server or cloud based services, Sunshine leverages direct sharing technology to connect your devices, removing the hassle of uploading files to an external cloud server and then downloading them to another device before viewing.Our technology is powerful enough to share entire family photo albums, HD quality movies, and zip files full of work notes. Large, multi-gigabyte files that would normally take at least an hour to upload can now be shared in just a couple of taps. So now you can transfer or share these files in seconds without worrying about having enough space on your devices or in your cloud storage. Spend less time in the cloud and more time out in the Sun!
Target Market Consumers
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Founders Names Hayden McFarlane
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