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Startup Name First Smile – Baby Journal App
What problem are you solving? Over the years, parents all over the world have been keeping track of their child growth or family memories via physical photo album or scrapbook. However, the weakness of having a physical scrapbook is that there is a possibility of losing it; which also means losing those priceless memories that is impossible of getting back. In the digital era, instead of possessing a physical scrapbook, why not have a mobile, lightweight scrapbook that will never be lost; and on the plus side, you can share it anytime anywhere to anyone you like.

First Smile also provides privacy that most social platform couldn’t provide, because it’s understandable that not every parents would want their kids to be exposed on the social media due to privacy issues. With cloud storage technology, parents can upload and download their data in the cloud storage; which protect parents from losing those precious data.

First Smile also intent to bring family closer with its easy sharing function. Imagine the grandparents or relatives that is in a different state; or either parents that works oversea, it would be great that they have a private and secure platform to share their family’s memory such as First Smile.

What is your solution? First Smile is a baby scrapbook app for recording the growth of the parent’s child, starting from pregnancy, childbirth / new-born to every first baby milestones. With First Smile, it makes it easier for parents to turn all precious moments (photos/ videos) into digital memories that will last a lifetime and treasure forever, which can also be shared privately with family or friends.
Target Market Consumers
How will you make money? Freemium
Tell us about the market & founders, why is this a great opportunity? The company consist of 3 co-founders, Loi Hui Lye, Sean Lee and Michael Liew.The idea of First Smile came about when Loi had his first daughter and he wishes to capture all the memories with his firstborn. Being a dad with a busy schedule, he understand that he will definitely missed out some of the precious milestone of her child growing up. That’s when Loi came up with the idea of digitalizing photo scrapbook, to create a mobile photo album that will always be there no matter where you go, and will never lost no matter what happen. With this idea, he started to approach two of his best friend, Sean Lee and Michael Liew.

The timeline concept of First Smile was actually contributed by Sean Lee. It was one time during family reunion, when Sean’s mother was looking for her family photo scrapbook hoping to share with the family members, and she couldn’t find it. The family lost half of the collection of family photo scrapbook over the years because Sean’s family kept moving due to his father work nature. It’s a sad and frustrated event for Sean’s family when years and years’ worth of memories disappear just like that. Based on his mom’s habit of organizing the family photo chronologically; so that she can see every family member’s changes over the years, he came up with the timeline concept.

Michael Liew is a busy father of two that constantly fly around the globe due to his work nature. So, as a father, Michael understand how it feels like to miss out most of the important milestone when his child is growing up; losing count on how many time he have to celebrate his child’s birthday on Skype. With the ideology of parents should never miss out every single moments with their kids, the three concepts merged together and it evolves into the First Smile that we all see today. A baby scrapbook app that removes most social features offered by popular social networking sites nowadays to bring back privacy to parents, only sharing the memories to people that matters.

Founders Names Sean Lee
Twitter Handle @babyfirstsmile
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