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Startup Name RideAmigos
What problem are you solving? 8am M-F. Nearly 80% of commuters are stuck alone in a car
Parking Costs to companies: $40,000/per space over the first 3 years
Driving Costs to commuters: $4,680/year in vehicle costs
Environmental Impact: $360 Billion/annual costs globally on cities and governments
… and it’s expected to get 60% worse by 2030If just 10% of the workforce at Fortune 500 companies used RideAmigos for a better way to work, they’d need 6.75 million less parking spots. That means $229 Billion saved + traffic, pollution, and improved health savings for an urbanizing planet.The world needs a better road.

Over the course of 2014, 7.8% of registered commuters within the Denver Regional Council of Government’ RideAmigos platform converted from always driving alone to carpooling occasionally. 11% of those looking for a transit route tried it. 17% of those looking for bike routes tried it. 1.7% of registered work commuters converted from always driving to van pooling at least one day per week.

Since April 2014, Santa Barbara-based Sonos has offered to pay $600 to each of its 390 employees to buy new bikes and bike gear through the RideAmigos tool. Their goal: to reduce the number of parking spots dedicated to their employees and therefore reduce the number of parking permits to their employees.

Within 60 days, 45% of Sonos employees gave up their parking spots and found a “better way to work”. For a company that rents parking spaces off site to fulfill its employee’s parking needs, that equated to $21,000 in savings per month.

RideAmigos has grown from an idea of empowering people to share taxis, to a comprehensive commuter management tool, aimed at getting people to work joyfully, sustainably, and efficiently. It’s a classic tale of American entrepreneurship. With hard work and their own savings, its founders built a foundation to which still stands today, tall and proud. Some of the most name brand companies in the world are signing on, which is not just a testament to the company’s success, but more so, a testament to the change of direction America is heading.

What is your solution? From cities like Toronto to San Diego, to companies like Hulu and Lionsgate, RideAmigos empowers teams with motivational tools and commuter benefits. The mobility platform gives everyone in an organization instant access to the information they need to make better commuting decisions, and the analytics to prove measurable impact.RideAmigos specializes in multi-modal transportation solutions, providing trip planners, travel dashboards, ridesharing, commuter surveys, trip tracking, gamification, incentives, and GIS reporting tools. The company white labels its platform to municipalities, transit authorities, TMA’s, universities, and companies across North America.

Today, in 2016, with climate change omnipotent and the US dependency on foreign oil undeniable, a shift in responsibility is upon us. Cities and companies alike are viewing how their commuters get to work as an opportunity to create change within their community.

Dramatically reducing parking constraints, increasing ridesharing, and promoting alternative transportation is now a focal point for sustainability managers across the US and Canada. And RideAmigos has the proven tool set to do just that.

Target Market BUSINESS
How will you make money? From several hundred to several thousand dollars per month based on an organization\’s type/size
Tell us about the market & founders, why is this a great opportunity? Jeffrey Chernick
CEO + Co-Founder
Since launching the company in 2007, Jeffrey has been featured on FOX, NBC, ABC, NY1, New York Post, Newsday, and the LA Times. He is the Chair of the Ridesharing Committee of the Transportation Research Board, Director of Entrepreneurship of the teen foster mentorship program, M4, and sits on the Advisory Board of several tech companies. Prior to starting RideAmigos, Jeffrey helped manage over $10 Billion in short term, fixed income investments for over 200 corporations within Lehman Brothers Cash Management Group. Jeffrey is a graduate of the Goizueta Business School at Emory University.

Evan Meyer
COO + Co-Founder
Evan analyzes and upgrades/builds all major functions and processes of the organization that require increased performance. His strong communicative ability also compliments the sales realm, expediting the growth RideAmigos has experienced. He is the Founder and Executive Director of the 501(c)3 BeautifyEarth(.org), which through public art, murals, art education, and community engagement, will transform the world’s neglected walls into an opportunity for artists, and

Founders Names Evan Meyer
Website http://rideamigos.com/
Twitter Handle @rideamigos
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