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Startup Name WoahStork
What problem are you solving? Far too often, people are introduced to the world of cannabis and feel overwhelmed by the critical, yet daunting, choice of strains. Not all strains are created equal, especially when considering how no two people are equal. That is, a strain may have a positive effect on me and a negative on you. With WoahStork, we help prevent sub-optimal experiences by providing personalized strain recommendations. All within the comfort of their home, users can use WoahStork to find the perfect strain for them, for any occasion, and order it online!
What is your solution? WoahStork is the intelligent choice for ordering cannabis online. Medical or recreational users can upload their ID and medical marijuana recommendation and order online, for pickup or delivery, from nearby dispensaries. Users can receive personalized strain recommendations for any occasion by using our \”Strain Genie\”. Users will be able to order from any dispensary carrying their desired products. Users will also receive rewards for leaving strain and dispensary reviews — redeemable for discounted and free cannabis on their next order. We partner with dispensaries throughout California, Colorado, and Oregon. WoahStork is forever free for users. WoahStork charges dispensaries a flat transaction fee any time a user places an order through our platform.
Target Market Consumers
How will you make money? Free for consumers. Transaction fee charged to dispensary for each order.
Tell us about the market & founders, why is this a great opportunity? WoahStork was founded by Nicco Reggente, David Chester, Michael Alt, and David Nguyen. Nicco and David Chester are both Ph.D students at UCLA studying cognitive neuroscience and high energy physics, respectively. Their experience with machine learning in their academic fields, bundled with a passion for cannabis, afforded them with the unique skill set to build the foundation of WoahStork. Nicco was the CEO of Actual Investments, a marketing company he grew to over 3M in yearly revenue. Michael Alt, a jack of all trades, is WoahStork\’s full-stack developer who also shares a passion for personalized medicine and building platforms with incredible value. Michael was previously a developer for Intuit, Bank of America, and Saab. David Nguyen is an RF engineer by training with an extensive user experience skill set. He previously worked for Intel, The US Patent Office, The Navy, and Assurant Solutions.
Founders Names Nicco Reggente
Founders Email NA
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Website www.woahstork.com
Twitter Handle WoahStork
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Pitch your Startup, App or Hardware or post a Startup Event or Startup Job

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