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Startup Name devRant
What problem are you solving? Developers/software engineers work in a highly specialized field that contains many sub-fields (ex. backend development, frontend development, big data, etc.) It is difficult for the average developer to find enough like-minded people to discuss the nuances of programming/tech with in a way that most developers really enjoy doing. We believe that developers need a community that isn\’t rigid, boring and unspecialized in order to be able to discuss programming and software in a way much closer to how they actually have fun discussing it. It\’s also important for developers to have an outlet for intelligent rants in a community that sees the value of criticizing technology and processes in hope of making it better.
What is your solution? devRant is mobile app (iOS and Android) where developers can express how they really feel about code, tech, and the people that make programming super special (for better or worse). The goal of devRant is to help software engineers connect with others in their profession who can understand and commiserate the issues and frustrations that arise as part of their unique working environment.
Target Market consumer
How will you make money? free
Tell us about the market & founders, why is this a great opportunity? The co-founders of devRant are David Fox and Tim Rogus. They met working together at an online dating company in NYC, and built projects together there, including The Grade. Outside of work, they started collaborating on side projects including a mobile game Dungeon Dragon Rush, and when they decided to make more serious apps, they formed Hexical Labs LLC in March of 2015. That lead to a news reader app called Swiftly News and most recently devRant. Tim Rogus has 14 years experience as a web & mobile designer, specializing in UX for b2c social applications. He also spent several years of that coding websites. David Fox has over 10 years of experience developing high-performance backend systems and working with a large variety of databases alongside massive datasets.
Founders Names Tim Rogus
Founders Email NA
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Twitter Handle devrantapp
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Pitch your Startup, App or Hardware or post a Startup Event or Startup Job

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