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Startup Name Complementors
What problem are you solving? It is well known that having a mentor can make a difference in your career, so why don’t we all have one? Well it is usually really hard to find someone that would be right to help you grow professionally.The globalisation that we are currently living in gives us access to a lot of information and resources that the previous generation would have not even dreamed about. There are many social networks to find all kinds of people and you can pretty much google about everything that crosses your mind and someone else thought of that already. So in theory you could reach these people right? So why is it so hard to find the right mentor?

A mentor is usually conceived as someone more experienced than you are, but it is not necessarily the case. A mentor is someone that has knowledge to share and empathises with the way you see the world and your motivation to move forward. All together is something really hard to google or find within your networks or in a single person.

Complementors is the resource to find mentors that will make a difference in your career. It is not about who are you acquainted with, whats your name is or what do you have access to. It is about who you are, what you want to achieve and who has that knowledge, we will find your comple·mentor.

What is your solution? is your peer-to-peer mentoring platform with smart mentor-mentee matching.Started as an idea to break down barriers for people with ambition and career goals by connecting them with professionals who can share knowledge. Complementors recommends the right mentor for you to learn from, and at the same time, matches you with a mentee, curious to hear and learn from you.

Complementors is a community of ambitious professionals spanning a wide range of industries & backgrounds, and yet, all with similar mindset, curious to learn, connect & grow.

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Tell us about the market & founders, why is this a great opportunity? Tatiana Jimenez. Entrepreneur, Software architect, MSc Computer Science. Alfaro. Entrepreneur, Full-stack engineer, Inventor.
Founders Names Tatiana Jimenez
Founders Email NA
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