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Startup Name Freedactics
What problem are you solving? We are releasing an App right now. But that’s only breaking ground. In fact, we have
something much bigger in mind: a universe of education!
Our vision is to connect people, connect tools and power learning through intelligent

With technology we can make a huge impact in the field of education. We can make learning easier, more inclusive and social.
It\’s time to make that impact.

What is your solution? Description
From lecture to exam: Freedactics is the study environment you have been waiting for!Sick of heavy bags, tons of paper, different tools and all the old-school stuff? We are, too! Freedactics gives you the Freedom to study anywhere and anytime. You can learn on the web or your mobile devices. All your data is stored in the Cloud. Your knowledge is literally everywhere.

No matter, if you are a college student or just want to learn a new language. Freedactics comes with the features to cover your entire learning process:

– Create Courses
– Manage Resources
– Task Manager
– Calendar
– Annotations on PDFs
– Flash Cards
– Sharing
– Accessible on Web and App
– Data Synced

Study Resources:
Create your own courses, where you manage and organize all your learning resources! With Freedactics your whole desk and library fits into your pocket.

Plan and Organize
Lost in tasks and appointments? Freedactics helps you to stay in control of your learning process. Manage all relevant tasks and appointments, such as exams or homework. Learning has never been more efficient.

Be awesome in your exams! Freedactics helps you to understand and memorize easily. Understanding is about making connections. Freedactics is like a digital pencil. Make annotations, highlights, notes and visualize knowledge. We help you to work with your content and understand it. Freedactics allows you to create Flash Cards, in order to memorize easily

You can easily share your courses with your students or fellow students.

Synced across all devices
Freedactics is like a study Cloud. You can access your data from everywhere in the world with a Browser or the App.

Some notes for usage:
After signup you probably want to check out the Web application on: There you can upload materials from your computer and also create flashcards in the Flashcard editor.

#Start being awesome!

Target Market Consumers
How will you make money? Free
Tell us about the market & founders, why is this a great opportunity? Raphael studied Business Administration at the University of St.Gallen in Switzerland and
USC in the USA. He has always been a passionate techie. Throughout his childhood he has
started various web project, developed intranets and founded a IT-Service company in
Switzerland in 2011. During his time as student he realized that there is a lack of Technology
for education. Especially when it comes to the needs oft he individual learner. He saw
himself and other students using their smartphones for almost everything except studying.
He was convinced that this can be done better and technology can have a positive impact on
Learning. Driven by the idea and entrepreneurial spirit he decided to give it a try. In he started
Freedactics to make studying a better experience for students.
Founders Names Raphael Noero
Founders Email NA
What type of funding has the company received? NA
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Twitter Handle @Freedactics
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Pitch your Startup, App or Hardware or post a Startup Event or Startup Job

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