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Startup Name Lomics
What problem are you solving? Lomics is a unique comic strip camera app that revolutionizes mobile storytelling and instant messaging. Lomics concept was born when we realized that traditional media formats we use for online sharing are not actually working well enough when it comes to stories.
What is your solution? Our solution is a unique comic strip camera app that revolutionizes mobile storytelling! Now it\’s easy to create a story! To begin sharing, users can press and hold the button to quickly record themselves and the world around. The App instantly recognizes text and puts it into bubbles, adds relevant stickers and masks and turns each new scene of your video into a section of the comic strip. Users can either keep the automatically generated strip or make edits before publishing. Lomics allows users to publish on their favorite Social Media Networks; send the image to friends via iMessage or even upload to the Lomics community within the App. Overall, Lomics is a fun and unique App with a wide variety of comics strip style effects and masks of your favorite heroes that automatically applies to your video!
Target Market comics book fans, kids, families
How will you make money? We can create styles for brands and businesses in the App!
Tell us about the market & founders, why is this a great opportunity? The Lomics app is developed by Lomics Inc. a mobile development company founded in January 2015. Lomics Inc. was established in San Diego by two entrepreneurs and funded by Neurok LLC Angel Group. The company has offices in San Diego and San Francisco. The app uses the latest mobile technologies and data algorithms that combine all components of a story: visual, sound, emotions and environment to share ‘your life in comics’.
Founders Names Lomics Inc.
Founders Email NA
What type of funding has the company received? Angel
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Website www.lomics.co
Twitter Handle www.twitter.com/lomicsapp
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