Startup Name Knowee
What problem are you solving? More efficient business cards that can live in the digital world. Cards that are more persistent and cards that make that we are contacted before our competitors.
What is your solution? Business cards are great. Not only do they carry important data, they also project a look and feel through their design, paper type, color, thickness, texture, etc.However, they don\’t quite fit in our digital world. They can\’t be shared via LinkedIn, text message or Skype, and you have to store them, type the data to include it in your contacts and then search & find it when you need it.

Knowee overcomes all of these issues by creating actual business cards in the digital world while keeping the exact same design and providing all the expected functionality. A Knowee card looks exactly the same as the paper card, but all of the data it holds is immediately usable with a single click or tap. Tap and call, tap and navigate in the map, tap and create a contact in your device.

When receiving a Knowee card, it\’s automatically stored in the user\’s Card holder for later search. Add notes, interchange location and date – and finding it later will be dead simple. Create as many cards as you want, one for each of your needs and share them without limits.

Target Market BUSINESS
How will you make money? Free for the first year, then $.89 or $2.19 per month
Tell us about the market & founders, why is this a great opportunity? Jose Manuel Arnaiz – Partner –
Pedro Laín – Partner –
Jose Luis Ruiz – Partner – CEO –
Founders Names Rod Austin
Founders Email  NA
What type of funding has the company received?  NA
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Twitter Handle Knowee_Cards

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