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Startup Name Market Campus
What problem are you solving? Marketing is everything. We deal with it daily and often don\’t realize it. If you are on social media than you are a marketer. Period. You just happen to be marketing yourself instead of a company. Most of our subscribers are entrepreneurs & startups. Even if you have no passion in digital marketing, the bottom line is you still need to know how to get your business in front of people. Marketing is so much more than setting up a Facebook page and blowing thousands of dollars on Facebook Ads and AdWords.

Most entrepreneurs don\’t know SEO, inbound marketing, effective email marketing and many other digital tasks to grow a company online. They also likely don\’t have much money to start out with. Market Campus is the perfect solution as we are extremely cost-effective and designed the course to cut the fluff and right to what they need to know to start seeing success THAT day.

What is your solution? Market Campus is a premier digital marketing course and certification program that can help anyone upgrade their digital marketing skills. Whether you are looking to start a career in digital marketing or find new creative ways to market your business online, Market Campus provides you with the tools and resources to do that. The subscription includes access to various key digital marketing topics in the form of short reading, interactive whiteboard videos, practice quizzes and downloadable templates you can use for your own projects. Our platform is perfect for entrepreneurs and startups without big budgets looking for ways to quickly market their business online without breaking the bank.For those who need additional help, Market Campus provides 1-on-1 mentorships where you work personally with a professional digital marketer every week.
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How will you make money? Pricing is pretty simple. It\’s $29/month and that gives you unlimited access to our learning curriculum (which is constantly being updated). For those students who need additional help, they can process a one-time
Tell us about the market & founders, why is this a great opportunity? Brandon Hassler is the Founder & CEO of the company. Previously he was one of the first employees at 97th Floor, which is one of the top digital marketing agencies in the US working with clients like Adobe, Intuit, Vivint, ESPN, Discover, Dell and many more. After years of training employees Brandon recognized the need for fast-paced digital marketing that actually taught day-to-day skills. Colleges are always behind and focus on high-level tasks. His vision for Market Campus was to be the school that cut out the fluff and got right to how to actually execute and grow businesses online.Matt Hassler is a Co-Founder and Advisor. He is Brandon\’s brother. Matt started and still runs a very popular restaurant chain in Utah called DP Cheesesteaks. With his business experience he\’s been a big help to Market Campus making sure everything is run right from the start.
Founders Names Brandon Hassler
Founders Email NA
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