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Startup Name passQi
What problem are you solving? Looking at the password and account security problem, there was a realization that many of the current phone-based identity “solutions” – while technically well-founded – were pursuing a “leapfrog” rip and replacement of passwords, with the resultant “chicken and egg” adoption problem.

We believe the road to simplifying and securing user authentication with device-based identity begins by embracing – rather than trying to bypass – the admittedly messy problem of passwords, but in a new way that puts user login security on the path to enhanced login, such as two-step verification. And then building on that foundation through the addition of more secure and powerful forms of authentication such as TOTP or passQi mFactor.

What is your solution? passQi provides both an intelligent password management mobile app and a complementary server-side solution called mFactor to implement a proprietary Multi Factor Authentication login for WordPress and other web sites. The app can be used as a stand alone product, or in concert with the mFactor solution.The passQi 2 app provides the highest level of security by storing information exclusively in the user’s smartphone vault, a single tool that goes everywhere. One-time keys securely encrypt relayed information via the cloud, and are never passed through the network or shared with another device. passQi 2 is designed to work seamlessly with nearly any site on the Internet and offers an optional automated TOTP support alternative to Google authenticator.

passQi mFactor goes beyond Two Factor Authentication with a simple WordPress plugin or custom library for other platforms without changing the existing authentication flow. passQi mFactor offers superior security with two layers of encryption – from different sources – required to reconstruct the underlying token for login. passQi mFactor allows the site authentication to determine definitively that the user was in possession of their smartphone device at the time of authentication with the optional touchQi support, verifying the owner’s fingerprint (for devices with biometric capabilities).

Target Market Businesses
How will you make money? free trial then $6 – $99 p/mo
Tell us about the market & founders, why is this a great opportunity? David Eyes has served in management roles at Apple Computer, The Santa Cruz Operation, and Rearden Commerce (now deem, Inc.), most recently as Vice President of Consumer Loyalty. His identity management background includes a role as lead product manager for the first fully commercialized solution for integrating Linux and Unix systems with Microsoft Active Directory at Vintela, Inc. (acquired by Quest then Dell).
Founders Names David Eyes
Founders Email NA
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Twitter Handle @passQi
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