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Glovdi Technological Innovations
Tagline:- Specializing in wearable of the future, we are creating the world’s first wearable smartphone in the form of a glove for Sports Enthusiasts…
Glovdi Technological Innovations is a London based startup, specializing in wearables of the future. By producing a wearable smartphone in the form of a glove, we can push the boundaries of technological innovations and move to a new era of wearable telecommunications. A fully wearable world is our view for the future.

First as a startup to actually produce a wearable smartphone in the form of a glove.

As people who engage in sports, especially running, we faced a major problem while exercising: the difficulty to use and carry our smartphones. Smartwatches and fitness trackers did not work efficiently for us as these devices must be paired with an existing smartphone and while operating them multiple safety or efficiency issues can arise.

Furthermore, there is no feasible way to initiate a call or send a text message, take videos or photos or even be able to use popular applications on a smartphone or smartwatch display to their current state during our training.

And that’s how Glovdi was born, coming from the need to use a part of our body in its fullest usable capacity to increase the quality of our training and make it more fascinating. A wearable smartphone in the form of a glove can do so much more than just a regular one by using the user’s own hand, and transform it to an ultimate device, making use of gestures and haptic feedback as input. As our hands become the ultimate training device, we can utilize real time data for analytics and improve and compare our performance daily.

Startup’s main aim is to bring innovation back on the table. Innovation as we perceive it and actually understand it here at Glovdi, it’s non-existent in most companies nowadays. Most flagship smartphone companies don’t actually produce innovative smartphones anymore; they just bring new hardware specifications to the table and that’s it. They are called novelty extras, not innovative features and they don’t change or even improve the way we communicate.

What actually inspire us as a startup is the well known quote: “If Henry Ford had asked his customers, they would have told him they want a faster horse”, this is what the flagship companies are doing at the moment: asking and giving the customers what they want (novelty extras) instead of what they need (innovation). So as a startup we are determined to change that by providing a new device that meets the customer needs but in our innovative way.

Owner:- Constantinos Pouyioukka
Twitter:- @projectglovdi
Country:- London, UK

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