Business Name Chooser – Spend more time developing your business and less time getting the right name!

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Business Name Chooser
Tagline:- Spend more time developing your business and less time getting the right name!
Business Name Chooser is a free iOS app for iPhone and iPad that helps you check a business name with ASIC, IP Australia and domain simultaneously.

When you are starting a business there are many vital activities that you have to do. Choosing the name for your business often sets the tone, form and brand for your new venture, and it’s hard to think of a logo or website look and feel before you have the name set. You don’t want to tell friends and colleagues before you have a name either – firstly, it’s hard to explain without a ‘handle’ and secondly you don’t want anyone borrowing your idea!

Business Name Chooser is a FREE app that helps you rapidly test various business names. Normally when you set up a business you need to check that the name is available in the business name databases for Government registration, and company incorporation with ASIC (Australian Securities and Investments Commission), that it does not match an existing trademark already provided to another business by IP Australia, and that there is a suitable domain name available.

This app takes all the hard work out of that by simultaneously checking these different databases and then confirming if the name is acceptable. If the name does clash with any existing names can will be able to choose a new name or try out some suggestions from the App. As an Adviser to numerous startups, Brent Jackson says “I am often amazed how far people go with the development of a complete product offering before ensuring they can secure their name – it’s a costly mistake”. [see for a $10m example!]

Shelf Companies Australia generally works with accountants to help set up the correct business structures – family trusts, company registration and business names. Aaron Adam (Managing Director of Shelf) says “Often the accountant can use a name we have already identified [a ‘shelf’ company], but frequently their client comes in with a plan and has a name in mind. This app allows them to rapidly check the name is all clear against the ASIC business name register, the IP Australia trademark database, and a domain name – then they call us”.

If you find a great name that works, Shelf Companies Australia is happy to help you register it and get the paperwork done, which Shelf will charge for depending on the services needed. Alternatively you can register the name with your accountant or through the ASIC website.

Subscription:- Free, we only charge if you want us to help with setup of the company after using the app.
Owner:- Brent Jackson


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