CampaignTrackly – Track the campaigns success by automating UTM link building & shortening

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Tagline:- The Smarter, easier way to track the success of your campaigns by automating UTM link building & shortening
Press Release

Leafwire Digital Launches CampaignTrackly SAAS Solution for
Simple Campaign Tracking Automation

Simplified Tracking Implementation Makes It Easy to Monitor the Success of Campaigns

LocationXXX, August, XX, 2016 – Leafwire Digital today announced the launch of CampaignTrackly, a new SAAS solution that automates campaign tracking to make it easy to monitor the success of campaigns and provide critical feedback to marketers.

Marketing campaigns are tracked by creating specialized Internet addresses called UTM-tagged links. Each campaign can require dozens or hundreds of them, depending on the number of assets and channels used for the promotion. Marketers are faced with the time-consuming and error-prone task of creating these tracking links by using manual processing and spreadsheets. With CampaignTrackly, this process is reduced down to the simple press of a button!

Who Needs CampaignTrackly?
Any marketer that wants to measure the effectiveness of a campaign.

How Does CampaignTrackly Work?
CampaignTrackly fully automates the generation and adding of UTM tracking parameters to campaign page URLs, and allows users to easily shorten multiple URLs. It auto-integrates with Bit.LY, Google Analytics and other online tools without any additional codes or programming.

What are the Benefits of Using CampaignTrackly?
CampaignTrackly empowers marketers to track the success of their campaigns without wasting valuable time & resources. It reduces tracking setup time by more than 500%, provides accurate and error-free UTM tagging, and lets users store campaigns in one central location. Detailed graph and chart reports from the tool can help marketers quantify campaign ROI in real time.

Why CampaignTrackly?
CampaignTrackly is a complete solution that was conceived and developed by a leading marketer with solid experience and understanding about the needs and pitfalls of doing marketing today. CampaignTrackly is affordable, easy to use, and can make marketers more productive!

Ready for Success?
Marketers are already experiencing the power and effectiveness of the service. One user said, “This is excellent. I love the integration with Google Analytics, and it makes it easy for someone not used to tracking since it walks you through the steps.” Take the tour and see for yourself.

CampaignTrackly was created by Milena Mitova, Leafier Digital’s MD, who is a marketing professional with extensive expertise in marketing automation. Milena developed the tool after years of struggling to find ways to handle UTM-based tracking for multiple links and campaigns.

“Analytics and reporting is an integral part to delivering successful marketing campaigns and I know first-hand how stressful and inefficient manual UTM tagging and URL shortening can be,” said Milena. “The CampainTrackly tool brings together marketing and software automation to provide a simple, cost-effective way to track and monitor the success of campaigns.”

CampaignTrackly is intuitive and easy to use. There is no learning curve, and results are immediate, making it an important and valuable tool for both new and seasoned marketers. A free trial of the service can be obtained by visiting:

Subscription:- $25 monthly subscription for individuals. Custom packages with API integration & emails for large business accounts.
Owner:- Milena Mitova


Pitch your Startup, App or Hardware or post a Startup Event or Startup Job

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