August – Create and sell customized artificial intelligence direct to businesses and Knock Knock City

by Ahtesham HashmiOct 18, 2017

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Startup Name:-  August
Tagline:-   Our web-app connects travelers, commuters and urbanites who hate schlepping bags and luggage around NYC with convenient local shops who have some available space to store their items for the day.
Elevator Pitch:-   August allows you to create and license out the services of your own customized artificial intelligence to the job or business you want. We are providing a solution to the problem of unemployment as artificial intelligence and robotics replaces the need for human labor. Allowing our workforce to create and sell your own.
Target Market:-   Artificial intelligence and robotics is expected to replace for 38% of the jobs in the United States over the next 15 years. Today there is 40% adoption of artificial intelligence in the United States. We are confident your capital will help our workforce adjust to this impact by building their own corporations in consequence creating their own jobs.
How will you make money?   We are monetized through paid users who are able to utilize our service of creating, marketing, and distributing their A.I to the specific target industry.
How much capital have you raised?   10-50k
Founder(s) Name:-   Rex Gatling
Twitter:- NA
City/Country:-  New York/United States

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