JigsawStack – All the APIs you need in one place to ship faster

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Startup Name: JigsawStack

Tagline: All the APIs you need in one place to ship faster

Elevator Pitch: JigsawStack centralises commonly used APIs into one place such as currency exchange, language translation AI, generative AI (Stable Diffusion), scraping and many more. On average a tech project has 60 3rd party API integrations each costing an upward of $30/month with horrible developer experience. Our goal is to provide 1 integration with access to many horizontal services with 1 price while maintaining a seamless developer experience.

Where are we now?:
– Launched a beta MVP 1.5 months ago.
– On average our margins are 50% – 60%.
– 100+ free active users on our platform
– 2+ paying customer
– 2 enterprise LOIs

Why now?: Ventures like Vercel ($150M Series D) & Supabase ($80M Series B) have proved that businesses and developers are moving their focus away from the underlying infrastructure and are looking for serverless alternatives allowing them to focus on building their business while lowering their cost and delegating reliability.

Target Market: Right now our focus is mainly on startups and indie developers. Since most of them are looking at speed to market at a lower cost. Based on Postmans report, most API interaction happens in the US and India, which makes it our target focus.

How will you make money?: A SaaS model at 27/month with a usage cap then a usage based pricing beyond the cap. Will also introducing the enterprise plan for larger startups that require more support. Pricing page: https://jigsawstack.com/pricing

How much capital have you raised?: None

Founder(s) Name: Yoeven D Khemlani

Website: https://jigsawstack.com

Twitter: @yoeven

City/Country: Singapore

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