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Tagline: presentation maker, artificial intelligence, interactivity, audience engagement

Elevator Pitch: Introducing Sendsteps, the ideal tool for using AI to build interactive presentations. You can easily turn text into a spectacular presentation with engaging information and eye-catching visuals with our cross-platform AI technology. Also, we’ve added interactive question elements that improve audience interaction and advance your presentation. Say goodbye to the days of spending endless hours on presentation design and content creation – with Sendsteps, you can create presentations 10x faster! Start impressing your audience today with Sendsteps!

Target Market: Business Professionals: Who need to make a new presentation from existing materials to transfer knowledge. Sendsteps can consolidate multiple documents into a single, focused presentation that effectively conveys the message intended for the audience. Educators and Trainers: Who need inspiration to create the best possible teaching materials. One way to accomplish this is by uploading a portion or all of a textbook to Sendsteps, which will generate a presentation and/or quiz designed to captivate and involve students. Students: Who need to save time creating a killer presentation for class. By utilizing Sendsteps, students can enhance their learning experience by obtaining accurate information and increasing engagement, ultimately leading to better retention of the material by their peers.

How will you make money?: We have accomplished a fantastic achievement by creating a highly stable platform that can generate 3,000 AI-based presentations daily. In addition, our product has attracted an impressive 2,200 new users per day, and this figure keeps increasing. This outstanding accomplishment is a testament to our team’s relentless pursuit of excellence and dedication to delivering exceptional value to our users.

How much capital have you raised?:

Founder(s) Name: Joey Kuiper


Twitter: Sendsteps

City/Country: Amsterdam / Netherlands

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