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Josh Tanchel

Josh Tanchel

Guest Post by Josh Tanchel, Partner at Deloitte Private, Start Up & Fast Growth Entrepreneurial Company Specialist.

Nominate by 26 September to be part of the very hot and very edgy Australian #Fast50Deloitte Tech Fast 50 program – and be in the running to raise your company’s profile big time.

Now in its 14th year, #Fast50 profiles Australian companies, public or private, that have achieved the fastest rates of annual revenue growth over the past three years.

Each year, #Fast50 also picks winners that have recorded high revenue growth, surviving economic and business expansion challenges. In the last couple of years, cloud technology solutions have helped to democratise scale – making it accessible to all regardless of size. This has encouraged new entrants that can, and are, disrupting existing markets as well as creating brand new niches.

#Fast50 companies have agility, commitment to innovation, and strong will to succeed in common.

Deloitte partner Josh Tanchel recently caught up with Andre Eikmeier, the CEO of last year’s overall #Fast50 winner, with his innovative online wine retail site – Vinomofo.


Andre said, the win was a game-changer for his business. “Winning Deloitte Tech Fast 50 created great PR exposure for us, which gave an overnight boost to our membership base – so real returns for us – and it also validated the team’s years of hard work and commitment.”

Andrew also appreciated the support and connections Deloitte Private offered Vinomofo over the course of the program.

It’s true – #Fast50 is helping to improve the startup ecosystem in Australia.

This year, ASX stepped in to be lead sponsor of the Deloitte Technology Fast 50. Given the number of successful IPOs of technology companies in the last 12 months, such as Freelancer, Ozforex and Bulletproof, this is a very cool development for which we are very excited. The ASX timing is on the money.

As a great supporter of the Australian tech sector, the ASX, like Deloitte Private, recognise the huge future and value that startups can deliver the wider economy, as we transition from decades of resources dominated growth.

The significant growth that previous iconic technology #Fast50 companies like Atlassian, Big Commerce, Oz Forex, Kogan and Seek continue to achieve has now gone global. Remember, it takes years, not months to build.

Ultimately the effectiveness of any startup ecosystem is measured by the number of iconic startups it helps to nurture. We hope that this year’s #Fast50 program continues to be an effective proving ground for the next generation of big name success stories helping them emerge from the Australian technology sector and make an impact on the world stage.

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