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Geebus – Product Review & Opinion Aggregator

Ed: Looks like a good idea, aggregates ratings and opinions from numerous sites by product category presumably they make money from the affiliate sales.

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What problem are you solving? It shouldn’t take days of research to find the overall best product option for your hard earned money. Why not collect the mountain of trustworthy reviews and ratings already out there and calculate the BEST in seconds.
What is your solution? Geebus provides the most accurate product ratings on the web by collecting and aggregating expert reviews and customer reviews from all over the internet.
Days of shopping research is now done in seconds. Just tell Geebus what your shopping for and the Internets BEST rated product appears.
Why is this a great opportunity? Some websites have aggregated just experts reviews and others just do customers. We decided to find a way to incorporate both because our research showed that people wanted both.
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Founders Names Ross O’Donovan, Mark Gardner
What type of funding has the company received Friends/Family