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6Q – Lean Team Feedback Tool

Ed: Great idea, managers get busy and generally suck at managing people.

I know many pro sports teams use apps like this to ensure their team is operating at top performance and everything is optimal in the individuals headspace , if its good for professional sports teams, maybe its not a bad idea for work…

Startup Name


What problem are you solving? We’re empowering teams to communicate more effectively, and build better employee engagement. Over more than a decade of working on our culture at our agency, we’ve found (as plenty of studies have shown) that employees want to give feedback and have it listened to.
What is your solution? We’re solving this by using a simple lean philosophy of asking everyone in an organisation once a week how they are going, and requesting they answer in less than six minutes.We use a device independent interface, which uses facial emojis to answer positively or negatively, or in between.
Why is this a great opportunity? Whilst there are plenty of survey apps out there, nothing is faster and more playful than 6Q. We’ve already had great successes in our trial and have been live for two weeks.
Target Market Any organisation looking to measure their team morale and look for feedback weekly. Originally, we thought it would be small to medium enterprises, yet since we launched the closed trial, we’ve had government departments, multinationals and others from over 25 countries use 6Q.
How will you make money? We’re using the time tested monthly plan model; we currently have 5 plans, from 6 users to 200 users, and each plan has slightly different features as well.
Founders Names Miles Burke, Patima Tantiprasut & Laura Egerton
What type of funding has the company received Bootstrapped/self funded