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Deckr – Gamified Pitch Deck Feedback App

This is actually a pretty good idea for validating your new business idea. Put together a pitch deck, publish to Deckr and then get the feedback from the site visitors, judging the startups is a little addictive and I can see how they could build a business model around this.

You might have confidentiality concerns but the truth is most new startups can’t give their idea away, very few people are going to steal an idea (and its improbable its new or unique) and in all cases execution is what makes the startup successful and the core idea often changes over time.

Many successful startups had insights about their product or market that no one else believed for a long time, many successful investors passed on AirBnB because the team could not convince them that staying in other people’s homes would be a real thing (and effectively because it was so difficult to get the customer acquisition right they are the only major player in the space).

If you really have patentable IP then you are not going to disclose the method but you could provide an insight as to why you solve your particular problem better than anyone else and why the problem is important.


Startup NameDeckr
What problem are you solving?We provide a fast and free way for startups to validate and get early adopters while they play a game.
What is your solution?Startups send us ashort’n’sweet pitch deck which we show our visitors on a slick,gamified UI. VisitorsTell us whether they’d use the product and they get play cash in return. Then we send the analytics back to the startup and also provide them a way to contact those who said “yes” on their product.
Target MarketStartups on one side, random crowd of players on the other.
How will you make money?After our beta we’ll convert to a freemium model where startups can get priority to get their decks rated quicker.
Tell us about the market & founders, why is this a great opportunity?It’s a totally new and exciting way to get validation and early adopters. Not to mention it’s free and we’ll process startup entries in 24 hrs and statistics are available in a week.
Founders NamesBence Fodor
What type of funding has the company received?Bootstrap
Twitter Handle@deckrco
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