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Qualitimes – Personal Relationship Manager

Ed: I get a few pitches a week on a new social networks, they always make me cringe, usually some misguided hopeful has decided that his yet to be coded masterpiece will singlehandedly kill Facebook.

But I think this one is different.

The core premise of actually taking time to manage your most important personal relationships struck me as a thing which shouldn’t have to exist in this day of instantaneous communication and social networked everything and yet regular intimate connection with people who are important in your life has never been more difficult.

He might be onto something…..

Startup Name Qualitimes
What problem are you solving? Qualitimes is a personal relationship manager app that helps you stay in contact with the most important connections in your life, including family, friends and business associates. More than just a reminder or calendar app, Qualitimes lets you set up personalized notifications based on your preferred mode of contact and frequency. Stay in touch with family, good friends and business associates. All at the tap of a button. Contacts can be imported from a variety of sources, including phone, email and social media accounts.
What is your solution? The Qualitimes app lets you create and manage quality connections with the important people in your life, whether they’re family, friends or business associates. You may call it a personal CRM, relationship manager or a Never-forget-to-call-mom application, we don’t really care as long as you make that quality time happen. Aqualitime is a recurrent reminder that can contain up to three people and be customized with unique settings. ‘Qualitimes’ uses a small personal assistant, called Mr. Q, who handles all thequalitimes and sends you reminders from time to time. You can set Mr. Q ‘s personality for every quality time created. This, among other variables, will be used to generate a unique motivational notification which will be sent to you.Firstly, you need to import your contacts from the various sources available in the app. Once you’ve done this, you can start the adding process. You can add unlimited number of qualitimes but we limited the number of contacts within a qualitime to three because we think that the fewer contacts in each qualitime, the more each one will have your undivided attention, which is where the “quality” comes into play.

After importing all the contacts you need, you can start create your qualitimes. Add the important people, set the time frequency, the contact method you prefer (could me call, meeting, mail or chat), Q’s personality and you’re done. Once the qualitimes were created, Mr. Q will start sending, using your time intervals, a personal message which is created dynamically using more than 200 variables. The purpose of these highly personalized notifications is to make you to take action (get in touch with the person in the qualitime).

Every day, Q will start qualitiming your agenda and will remind you to check in. The only thing you need to do when you get a notification is to check your Today Screen. Every qualitime in this screen has a very personalized message attached.

*Please note: Facebook has changed its Friends list policy so you’ll get only a list with those friends that are also using our app also. We recommend sharing the Qualitimes app with everyone you know and encouraging them to download it so you will all be able to connect and stay in touch!

Now you won’t have any excuses not to stay connected with those that matter most in your life!

Target Market App, Mobile App, iOS, Lifestyle
How will you make money? Business products
Founders Names I am Cornel Axin, founder of Qualitimes app
What type of funding has the company received? Bootstrap
Twitter Handle @qualitimes
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Favorize – Social Network for News & Content Sharing

Ed: Not sure the landing page does this app justice. When I took a look inside there is a real time feed of peoples shared content in a way which is different to what you get from twitter or other social networks.

Not disimilar to Quibb but a nicer interface. Worth a look.


Startup Name


What problem are you solving? Know when you’re reading an article, and you come across a paragraph that you’re thinking, wow, that’s a really good point! I have to share it! But you can’t share a paragraph while keeping it in-context with the article.
What is your solution? Favorize is place to find and share knowledge. We created a Chrome extension that let’s you highlight a paragraph, click a button, and instantly share it. Highlighted paragraphs are aggregated on, which is a social network for knowledge. In other words, a Pinterest for paragraphs, where you can enjoy 5-10 of short reads throughout the day.
Why is this a great opportunity? Pinterest for paragraphs
Target Market 25-34 year olds, similar to the Reddit archetype – techies, writers, bloggers, marketers, students, yuppies.
How will you make money? Subscriptions, Advertisement
Founders Names Yoni Shechter
What type of funding has the company received Bootstrapped/self funded