Hipsters version of Google Glass

Ok Google Glass is an exciting technology, I believe it will be a large tech segment in the near term despite the naysayers and critics. Unfortunately putting them on turns you into a walking advertisement for Dorks Illustrated, witness below the richest guy in the room, almost any room, the Google Glass makes even a billionaire looks like a tool, exciting as the technology is, it’s not beautiful.

Google Glasses Sergey

Google Glasses Sergey

Hipster Google Glasses - Credit -

Hipster Google Glasses – Credit –

In what will probably go down as one of the highest return on investments projects a San Francisco based design firm Sourcebits has created the “Hipsters Google Glass” keeping all of the tech goodness but wrapping it in cool thick hipster frames.


Hipster-Glass-2 Hipster-Glass-4 Hipster-Glass-5 Hipster-Glass-6 Hipster-Glass-7

Sourcebits Hipster Google Glass Side

Sourcebits Hipster Google Glass Side

You can see that they have put a lot of effort into making this beautiful and the presentation and photography is fantastic, but given they have around 800 mentions on Google News in the last few days and 150,000 search results it looks like it was time well spent and they will be swimming in new business for years.

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