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Oct 30, 2015

Advice On Applying To An Accelerator

ED: Guest post by Mick Liubinskas & Rachel Bui from muru-D

ONLY 36HRS TO GO – Applications close 12PM on October 31st.

Investment of up to $200,000* Access to office space for your whole team Access to our global network of mentors, investors and corporates Access to our perks and servicesParticipation in weekly workshop sessions and eventsOpportunities to attend our overseas trade tripsIntroduction

An application with a great founding team, technology, traction and vision to go global could be overlooked if founders can’t articulate their ideas to investors. As always, we want to help you [...]

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Feb 6, 2015

Startups Your Help Needed – Australian Startup Ecosystem Report 2015

Guest Blog from Nicola Farrell, Acceleration Program Manager at Pollenizer, developing partnership opportunities for startups past incubation stage, creating growth and scale for their business.


In 2012, the Startup Genome Project made a massive contribution to how the world viewed startups.

Three years on, with the fast paced nature of startups, it’s no surprise the data is out of date and requires a major upgrade.

Today, we are launching the survey for 2015, across Australia and New Zealand, and hope to serve every pocket of this region ensuring local startups are represented.

Why is this survey different?

Of late, there have been a [...]

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Jan 17, 2015

Why Going Corporate Doesn’t Mean Going Rogue: The Rise of Intrapreneurship

Today’s Guest post is from Saksham Kapoor, the UNSW founder of Recommuso a new music platform which launches soon, signup here to get an invite for the beta program.

If you have a passion for startups and a story or lesson to share, google.

Happy new year to everyone! I hope you enjoyed your break, and are now energised for the year ahead.

In my last post on Startup Passion, I discussed the importance of passion for anyone considering working in the startup sector.

It was my first ever written piece, and I was blown away by the response – it’s great to see that the community understands what’s needed [...]

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Dec 2, 2014

Welfare is the Y Combinator for the masses

Ed: This week we will be featuring a number of guest posts from undergraduate students from University of New South Wales who are building real businesses while still studying.

Today’s post is from Luke Marshall, the UNSW founder of Sunapse a Solar Energy Optimisation Software and an active member of the UNSW entrepreneur community.

Luke Marshall winning the Pearcy Awards Student Pitch


These days accelerators are a dime a dozen, but it all started with Y Combinator.

You know the story – take a large number of sketchy startups with huge dreams, invest just enough money to keep the founders fed and housed for a few [...]

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