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Onyx Display Media
What problem are you solving?
Companies have been trying to solve the problem , associated with transparent LCDs and their application in beverage coolers.
The problem exists , in that when you just place a transparent LCD into a cooler – it will look fine UNTIL you stock the cooler with products – then the screen goes black and the media is completely ruined. The second challenge is that transparent LCDs require an enormous amount of light to come from the inside of the cooler to work . These 2 challenges have literally handicapped transparent technology from going further,
What is your solution?
Onyx-Glass ™ is the Solution.
It is a global patent pending technology – that has completely solved ALL of the above challenges facing transparent technology. Another challenge that we have solved is that Onyx-Glass ™ allows for the color “white” to be shown as white – which is another World first in transparent technology.Onyx-Glass ™ is the product of advanced hardware and software integration that is a game changer in the way consumers / brands and retail environments interact.
Why is this a great opportunity?
The estimates on the size of this market – is valued at $900m per annum. The golden opportunity is that Onyx-Glass ™ provides a unique opportunity to pioneer in a world first communication channel Literally IN THE POINT OF PURCHASE. It has been commercially tested and we have tons of metrics , including impressive impact on sales …..
Target Market
The target market for Onyx-Glass ™ is literally any glass surface – but we are focusing on the verticals of supermarket chains , beverage and liquor brands , liquor stores , convenience stores , ice-cream and Ice freezers , pharmacies. Onyx-Glass ™ is currently enrolling global distributors.
How will you make money?
There are multiple revenue streams in our business plan:1) Hardware Revenue.
2) Software Revenue ( annuitized) Licence fees
3) In-Software application upgrades
4)Advanced Consumer Analytics -captured 24/7 from Onyx-Glass™
Founders Names
Andrew Coudounaris & Peter Venturas
Website http://www.onyxdisplaymedia.com
What type of funding has the company received
Bootstrapped/self funded



Startup88.com Comments

Amazing result that these guys have bootstrapped the business and have effectively developed a solution that looks like it needed significant science and manufacturing to get it to production.

Its not clear if the Intellectual Property is their’s (they mention a pending patent) or they have licensed it, however I can’t help but think they should be going straight to Coke or Pepsi and license this technology to them.

Given they are based out of South Africa I think its pretty tough to build a Global Business where you would need to convince thousands of shop owners to buy it.

It seems to me a more scalable method would be to partner with a large company with a global salesforce and get them to drive the sales of the product.

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