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Ed: Mmmm this is an interesting one. On the surface I think its a great idea and the implementation looks slick, but I think it very much depends on the workplace and the employees relationship with the company.

Some companies its a no brainer, most startup employees would be very supportive of this sort of solution, however Im not sure you would want the staff of a large bank or Unionised work force on this program, their replies to their friends comments about their promoted work posts probably wouldn’t help the companies mission.



It does a raise a larger question, does the employer have some expectation that the employees social media presence should be available for their use?

I think most employees would have a very different opinion and you probably wouldn’t want your company message along many employees private and possibly controversial social media activities.

What if the employee didn’t want to use their social media profile for the employer? What are the repercussions?

I think this one might get traction among the startup or not for profit sector, but will struggle with corporate and medium businesses.

The very positive side of this platform is the ability for those employees who are motivated to share their employers message is that this platform gives an easy way for marketing/corporate comms to inform the staff what messages can be shared and give a ready made snippet to make this easier to do.




What problem are you solving?
Today consumers are tired of branded content. Apart from declining trust in brands and facebook changing their newsfeed algorithm, marketers are struggling to expand their organic reach. Marketers need to adopt new strategies that focus on people who love and support their brand – and who can do it better than their own employees. This is the problem that we are trying to address.
What is your solution?
Contentivo is the only employee advocacy solution focused on organic content amplification, that companies can adopt today.Contentivo helps companies tap into the social reach and influence of their greatest asset – their own employees.Companies can acquire talent faster, generate more leads on social media and promote events by sending messages through their own employees. This message is sent out from the company page and personal profiles of all employees at the exact same time, resulting in huge amplification of the same message.
Why is this a great opportunity?
Tap into the social reach and influence of employees to amplify your message
Target Market

Company size – Mid-size & large companies

Sectors – Technology companies, Non profits, Consumer goods

Audience – Marketing managers, Hiring managers, Sales managers

How will you make money?
Subscriptions, Advertisements
Founders Names
Priyabrat Mohanty
What type of funding has the company received
Bootstrapped/self funded


Pitch your Startup, App or Hardware or post a Startup Event or Startup Job

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