SweetSpot – Activity Sensors for Tennis Players & Golfers

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Ed: I have to say upfront I was a hopeless failure at Golf as a kid and moderately capable as a tennis player however I don’t play or love either of these games anymore.

But both markets have hoards of nutters (sorry enthusiasts) who will spend up big to improve their game, so I think the market is good.

The product looks reasonably robust, but its going to have to be, it will get hammered regularly.

Everyone is throwing a $1 accelerometer (yep, thats all the key component costs for most of these fit/sport/activity devices) and an IOS app together to kickstart a new device but its clear to me the market will get fatigued pretty quickly if it isn’t already.

What’s not clear to me is whether there is a sustainable business model to allow this startup to build a real business.

If for example they could tie the accelerometer data to a weekly or monthly personalised coaching session either via Facetime or some other more scalable means, they might be able to build a business off the back of their gadget.

If all they are doing is building and selling the hardware someone who knows how to manufacture cheaply and mass market will kill them as soon as Sweetspot proves its a good market.


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What problem are you solving? Getting kids outside with technology that can be used for real-life physical activity.
What is your solution? Sweet Spot is a bluetooth-enabled sensor that attaches to any golf club or tennis racket and connects to an iOS or Android device. Sweet Spot is different than the other swing trackers on the market because of its ease of use and focus on gamifying physical activity.
Why is this a great opportunity? This is a great opportunity because young people love technology but there is the collateral inactivity that is contributing to high obesity rates and health issues at young ages.
Target Market Sweet Spot is targeted to parents with children from 5 to 15, teenagers with disposable income that carry smart phones, and grandparents that want to see their grandchildren get off the couch and go outside.
How will you make money? We will make money by selling the Sweet Spot sensor for $99.95. There will be future in-app purchases when new games are made available. We will also monetize through partnerships with golf and tennis programs. Sweet Spot brings new players to the game of tennis and golf so there is interest from the PGA and USTA.
Founders Names Eric Sanchez, Robert (Bob) Woods
Website www.gosweetspot.net
What type of funding has the company received Friends/Family



Pitch your Startup, App or Hardware or post a Startup Event or Startup Job

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