Maquetter – Structured Design & Presentation App for Web Designers & Design Studios

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What problem are you solving? There are designers of various kinds in our team. For years now we’ve been working with clients on various projects which always involved interaction with different clients through different means, some preferred skype or email, others were more into cloud storages. Still none of those options provided a proper way to structure and actually present the design.
Eventually we got tired of messing around with tens of platforms so we came up with our own!
What is your solution? We made a platform that takes out the hassle of explaining the order of appearance to client and managing tons of folders.Maquetter is a convenient platform that helps design studios, designers of all kinds and especially web designers to structure their projects and present layouts to clients.
Why is this a great opportunity? If you’re one of many who got tired of misunderstanding and designer-client communication problems this is a solution.
Here are some of our advantages over similar products:
– Our platform allows great structuring of layouts. You can show off the project in a way you want.
– Projects are AUTOMATICALLY numbered in a proper way. It’s easy to refer to a specific document due to adequate numeration. You can also easily share a link.
– Cross-platform. works in all browser and on any device.
– Affordable. We think that every designer out there should be able to have a proper way to present his work in a structured and controllable way. So our service is very cheap.
Target Market Designers, web designers, studios, or anyone who has to show something to a client/partner.
How will you make money? We’ve got a very affordable monthly/yearly subscription based model.
What type of funding has the company received Bootstrapped/self funded


Pitch your Startup, App or Hardware or post a Startup Event or Startup Job