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Startup Name Disrupt.
What problem are you solving? If you\’re into sports then you\’re extremely passionate about what you do to the point where is often defines you, however you’re stuck buying equipment that’s been made for someone else. We’re changing the way sporting equipment is made and distributed.
What is your solution? Disrupt is an online platform changing the way you buy sporting goods. We provide a platform where you can design and customise your own sporting equipment from surfboards to snowboards through to cricket bats and yoga mats. Our front-end customisation platform links your designs directly into the manufacturing production line, before shipping the goods to your door. 100% customised. Exactly the same cost.
Target Market The Weekend Warriors 25-45 Love the sport they do but they have a full time job that gets in the way. They earn above the average wage (60% $100k+ and are willing to pay for quality that they can show off to their friends Often are early majority to technology. They enjoy a multitude of sports and socializing, are always looking for the next adventure and one-upmanship. The spend on fashion and their appearance is important The Rusty Retailers 40-60 Worried about the dominance of big wholesalers buying up brands and dictating prices. Concerned about the rise in people trying instore and buying online They have an entrepreneur spirit and are looking at ways to attract customers and innovate – so long as its doesn\’t’t get in the way of their known sales channels. They are slow to move but keen to innovate.
How will you make money? 50% gross profit margin on all sales
Tell us about the market & founders, why is this a great opportunity? $450bn is spent every year in the sports equipment industry.
Nike ID is now accounts for 20% of all of Nike\’s online revenue
/= 20% of the global sports equipment market is addressable to mass customisation.Gary Elphick. – CEO
Background in Sports and technology marketing across Europe, North America and APAC.
Sports accessory of the year nomineeJason Rogers – COO
Background as a management consultant in manufacturing and logistics.
World-record holding kitesurfer

Jono Casley CIO
Developer of 3D gaiming platform

Founders Names Gary Elphick, Jason rogets, Jono Casley
Founders Email NA
What type of funding has the company received? Angel
If you have a press kit or image gallery please provide a link (optional) NA
Website www.DisruptSurfing.com
Twitter Handle Disrupt_Surfing

Pitch your Startup, App or Hardware or post a Startup Event or Startup Job

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