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Ed: Dating sites and apps tend to be destination sites, ie you only go when you start feeling lonely or in need of adventure but what if they were with you all the time like Instant Messaging or your Home Page?

This app shows you a potential partner each time you open a new tab in your Chrome browser and alerts you when there is a potential match or message.

It’s graphically beautiful in a way you are never going to get on an App with large hi-res photos, so much so that I suspect it will only ever have very attractive people on it.

Assuming they can get enough attractive people I think this will be a winner, I use apps Like ProductHunt and Momentum that open in Chrome when you make a new tab and they are highly effective at engaging, I end up using them 50 times a day, so I suspect a dating tab will be even more so.

I would imagine this is going to chew up a lot of time for single people, but that’s probably ok :). I particularly like the Founders sense of humour (check out his background below).

Startup Name Tab
What problem are you solving? Tab makes online dating seamless.Taking away the barriers and blending it into your normal internet behaviour. Meaning you don’t have to switch from dating to not dating, it allows you to bump into the love of your life on any corner of the internet.
What is your solution? Tab is a chrome extension that brings online to you. Just browse the web as normal and find a potential partner every time you open a tab.
Target Market Young singles
How will you make money? Subscriptions/Advertisement
Tell us about the market & founders, why is this a great opportunity? Shib’s been working in the advertising industry as a strategist for the last 6 years. Experiences including global and local brands, helping them develop brand campaigns and improve their core product offering.He also ran The Lad Pack – a mens toiletries subscription, it closed down but it’s left him with a lifetime supply of condoms.

Adam has been in creative advertising for 6 years helping create digital experiences for the likes of Penguin Random House, Honda and Russian Standard Vodka. Outside of that he has also started his own toiletries subscription service and put Santa on Tinder.

Daniel is currently working as an Associate Creative Director for the digital creative agency Collective London. With over 11 years industry experience, he has picked up multiple awards for some of the worlds most iconic brands, such as Penguin Random House, 2012 Olympic games, EA, and Honda.

Founders Names Shib Hussain
What type of funding has the company received? Bootstrap
Twitter Handle @tabdating
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