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by Tony FreelanceJun 11, 2015

Tony Freelance
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Startup NameEmbed Map
What problem are you solving?It’s incredibly tricky trying to find a good-looking map for your website that both displays the vital information and lets visitors fully interact with it. Unlike existing websites, Embed Map uses the latest Google Maps technologies and APIs so that website visitors can, for example, get directions to and from the company’s location, all without having to load up a separate mapping application.
What is your solution?Embed Map generates Google Maps for websites, letting users show their location online, whether via a conventional map, a general area overview, directions to and from specific locations, or even a street view of a given area.
Target MarketBusiness owners, web developers, web designers, restaurants, blogs, physical businesses, online businesses.
How will you make money?Subscriptions/Advetisement
Tell us about the market & founders, why is this a great opportunity?John Featherington is a British developer with many years of web development behind him. After starting with IBM in the late eighties, John saw the potential of the internet immediately when he first got online in 1995, and since then has been creating websites and online tools to help people, to great success. Embed Map is just one of his many tools that, he hopes, make the world a better place.
Founders NamesJohn Featherington
What type of funding has the company received?Bootstrap
Twitter Handle@EmbedMap
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