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Ed: This is a really crappy pitch, I can’t imagine the founder submitted this, must have been an intern or an agency as the pitch is incoherent, but I do want to draw your attention to how effective the video on their site is at demonstrating their value proposition, worth visiting to watch it Faralong.com, hard to believe the same company did the site and the pitch.

Startup Name Faralong.com
What problem are you solving? No cancelations due minimum group sizes, sharing services does not create profit for travel agent but reduces clients price, where competitors ask for email inquiries, you can book same product in our site in minutes, it works with all devices and the booking process can be done with credit card and other information can be added later due to personal account management.Over all the estimated $270B industry suffers from lack of innovation and digitalization, we welcome people to compare prices and proses with anyone. Faralong is the firs and only tour company that has fixed margins, full range of pricing and direct booking engine with straight payment gateway.

Called the Uber and AirBnB of adventure and group traveling, that sums up it quite well.

What is your solution? Faralong delivers a digital booking platform for group traveling and adventure tours, connecting travelers more directly to local operators around the world. We offer guaranteed departures and transparent pricing, with same deals for group and private bookings. Pricing is based on the delivered service and our fixed margins, so that the price will be reduced when more people join. Even after the booking, and for everyone in the group. This gives our clients a change to help us market the tours and the benefit of sharing the service goes for the client, who can save hundreds through his own actions.Our partner program gives local operators around the world a change to reach global clients with well-optimized digital booking platform with out travel agents middle management.
Target Market Travelers around the world interested in travel services in exotic destinations. Our model offers best deals and best booking for group travelers, couples, families, groups of friends and independent travelers alike.
How will you make money? Subscriptions/Advertisement
Tell us about the market & founders, why is this a great opportunity? Three industry and startup veterans delivering well established network of operators. We have established Finlands first adventure travel website in 2000 and leading adventure travel company in 2008. In our board we have a solid team of top players including former CEO of Finland´s largest Travel Company (Finnair Group), e-commerce specialist from Rovio Entertainment (Angry Birds), formed country manager of Momondo and for example the brand team behind SuperCell.
Founders Names Kalle Viira
What type of funding has the company received? Bootstrap
Website http://www.faralong.com/
Twitter Handle @faralongcom
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