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Ed: I like this app, few organisations or sales people have this problem solved or consistently record their communications into their CRM.

Longer term I see a future where traditional outbound and inbound sales reps are increasingly automated or replaced with self service.

The truth is most people don’t want to deal with sales people if unless they have a requirement which needs a customised solution.

I can say this with conviction after spending 20+ years selling various tech related products and services.

There is now enough evidence to say people just want to hit a button on an app and have a problem solved, service provided or a product delivered. We want software to replicate the relationship we used to build with the great sales reps.

Having sold tens of millions of $ of computer and networking equipment customer will usually make a decision to buy based on the relationship and trust with the sales person.

But increasingly this is being replaced by online ordering systems and products which are easy to configure or even self installing.

The software, online processes and products are now building the customer relationships.

However wholesale replacement of sales reps is not going to happen overnight, it took +50 years to build the enterprise sales models it’s going to take +20 years to wind it down and for some industries and processes it will never be replaced.

In the meantime there is $ billions of business still to be closed and most companies, sales people and CRM systems do a terrible job of the sales process and tracking all interactions with the client.

I would go so far as to say except in call centers where they run dedicated apps, the majority of email comms between sales people and customers are unrecorded and lost to the business when sales people move on (which they do a lot).

Scheduling meetings is an unsolved problem (especially across time zones), getting emails transferred into CRM, too often the systems that generate leads (webforms, email enquiries) are not integrated to the CRM resulting in loss of data and incomplete data between systems.

This looks like a good solution to the problem and the founders certainly have a great track record in the enterprise sales space to back this up.


Startup Name
What problem are you solving? Schedule meetings faster, create contacts and manage follow up more efficiently, work in your inbox more effectively using Sales Bridge action folders.
What is your solution? Sales Bridge saves salespeople over 7 hours a week in administrative, follow up, data entry and scheduling tasks. We make salespeople more effective and more efficient.
Target Market Salespeople, Sales Management
How will you make money? Subscriptions/Advertisement
Tell us about the market & founders, why is this a great opportunity? Joe Lowry CEOFranklin Covey Corporation 1995-1996
Inside sales rep
Was exposed to the power of sales training and good sales systems
Callware Technologies 1996-1999
Inside Sales Rep
Promoted to Sales Engineer
Promoted to Regional Sales Manager
Participated in company growth from 20 employees to over 100
Learned how quickly companies can spend investment money on non revenue generating activities
Witnessed company contract back down to under 30 employees before leaving
Comdial 1999-2001
Recruited to build Western Sales Region
Doubled territory revenue and active channel partners
Chosen to be part of emerging VoIP task force
Saw first hand the difficulties that can occur with a company merger
Intellisys 2002-2003
Sales manager over a team of 4
Implemented regular sales training
Learned the importance of gathering accurate sales data, forecasting and activity monitoring.
Cymphonix 2003-2014
Co founder
Became active participant in board meetings, interactions with investors
Became CEO in 2012
Turned the company profitable in the first quarter of leadership, then consecutive quarters until acquisition in 2013
Along with Trevor Paskett, was last of founding team remaining

Trevor Paskett CTO

Blue Ice Computer Services 1994-2001
Started business at 14 years of age
Grew business to over 5000 internet subscribers
Learned the importance of building scalable systems
Was exposed to how critical good customer service is to a company’s success
OnBravo Communications 2001-2002
Lead developer
Built high speed wireless networks in rural communities
Designed and coded customer management system that allowed subscribers to choose and pay for desired internet speeds
Gained experience with complex database development and how to effectively summarize large amounts of data
Broadband Solutions 2002-2003
Director of Technical Services
Architected support infrastructure
Oversaw the technical requirements of over 600 subscribers
Designed and built CMS software to resell to other regional ISP’s
Began experience with product development cycles and managing other developers
Cymphonix 2003-2014
Director of Software Architecture
Ran support and development teams
Received patent for
System and method for bridging proxy traffic in an network
United States Patent 7864788
Became COO in 2012
Turned the company profitable in the first quarter of leadership then consecutive quarters until acquisition in 2013
Along with Joe Lowry was last of the founding team remaining

Founders Names Joe Lowry
What type of funding has the company received? Bootstrap
Twitter Handle @salesbridgeinc
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