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Ed: This is the long awaited launch by our long time contributor Andrew (Wardy) Ward from 3 Minute Angels.

Essentially the Uberfication of Massage he is signing up 1000s of masseuses to the platform.

Everything is being Uberfied (I even saw a pitch on Laundry the other day) and I expect this trend to continue until it becomes ridiculous (we might be close to Peak Uber now) but massage is one of those spaces it makes sense.

Wardy wanted me to make the point this is aimed at the Therapeutic Massage market, but I also believe it has huge opportunity in the racier end of the spectrum :).

Ever wondered why you can get a massage on the beach in Thailand for $10 but it costs $60-150 in Western countries?

Massage is expensive, but the people providing it are relatively cheap. The reason its expensive is primarily demand and supply management.

When you want a massage you usually want it now, you call up your local salon and may be able to find a slot sometime during the day but usually they are booked out at peak times by people with better planning skills than you.

Owners of studios don’t want their team standing around doing nothing so they only put on enough people to ensure they will make a profit.

So often customers miss out and the salon and masseuses miss out on work they were willing to do, there is no way to connect them.

While Wardy has included Salons in his model, the big opportunity is to activate the tens of thousands of people who do massage courses each year but don’t get regular work in the industry, if he can activate a huge latent supply of providers, he can drive the pricing down, this will substantially increase the market.

While there are a few US On Demand Massage providers they have only just launched in the last few months, given Wardy’s 10+ years experience in the Massage Industry he has a great operational track record in the space.

Startup Name Get Angels Now
What problem are you solving? When you get the urge for a massage, finding a clinic with a masseur available where and when you want your massage is difficult.

Clinics only roster the staff they think they can use, so they are often fully booked at peak times.

Every day customers go without massages and masseuses miss out on work they were available for if only they were connected to the customer.

What is your solution? Get Angels Now App is the fastest way to find and book a massage at time and place that suits you. Masseuses are available on demand at your place, hotel, spa, practice or clinic.
Target Market Health and Fitness enthusiasts, Executives and Tourists staying at Hotels.
How will you make money? Get Angels Now makes the booking, handles the payment and takes a commission on all transactions through the platform.
Tell us about the market & founders, why is this a great opportunity? The existing market for massage is inflexible and expensive. The benefits of massage are well known, but trying to arrange one is painful and expensive.

The market is dominated by expensive salons and low rent shady operators.

Thousands of therapists are trained each year yet many never manage to find enough income to continue in the industry.

By using our Pleasure Platform we can match customer demand with unused masseur capacity and grow the total massage market significantly while giving the customer a faster cheaper experience.

Andrew Ward has been running massage businesses for over 10 years and was the founder of the popular 3 Minute Angels, which created a new pay what you think its worth model for short massages and has been delivering corporate massage

Founders Names Andrew Ward (Wardy)
What type of funding has the company received? Self Funded

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