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Startup NameSandaero Aerosystems
What problem are you solving?High cost low performance monopolistic infrastructure.
What is your solution?Ultra low cost high performance modular carbon propeller, rocket, hot air and vacuum technology in tax/law/labor free international waters, airspace and space: Sandaeroblock, Sandaeronet and Sandaeroship (multicopter-rocket-airship).
Target MarketMulti trillion infrastructure market (transportation, energy, communication, navigation, sanitation and construction. First basic products: Sandaeroblock Container can replace all steel containers and Sandaerocopter (24 propellers, 6-way, cubic-diamond drone) can replace all current multicopters (higher speed, maneuverability and range).
How will you make money?Freemium Model: Cost + 20% – Sponsorships (fun ads).
Tell us about the market & founders, why is this a great opportunity?As a Technology Economist I know the key is to make an horizontal research across different technology paradigms to develop a technology that delivers high economies of scale (mass production) and scope (multi application). Socio-economic reverse engineering.
Founders NamesAlex Napoli (Alexander Napoli Costa)
Founders EmailNA
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