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Startup Name myOrb Ltd
What problem are you solving? There are essentially four main problems that we have identified. The first is information overload, where we are confronted with data rom more and more sources, often making it hard to work out what is valuable and what isn\’t. The next is application overload, where we (the users) are storing all of our information across multiple applications, devices and in many different places. This makes data retrieval cumbersome and time consuming.The next is communication overload, in particular the long email threads that clog up inboxes and social media streams which can make it hard to keep tabs on things. This is an important issue for group collaboration as information can often be hard to retrace and relocate later on, again slowing work down.

Finally you have Advertising Overload. With the rise of online surveillance and targeted advertising, not to mention banner ads and other forms of online advertising, companies are becoming more and more reliant on selling their users information. This is one of the founding elements of who we are, as we have built our system so that we can never do this. Whilst this isn\’t recognised as a major problem, yet, we believe strongly in Internet privacy and have designed our system to reflect that.

In essence we are trying to solve all of the above problems, which the world will be seeing more and more of over the coming years. Providing a robust system which helps users address each of these problems, by allowing them to search, store, share, communicate and collaborate in one place without being spied on is something gives us a USP that has yet to be see so far.

What is your solution? is a privacy focused web application designed to simplify your digital life, by allowing you to streamline your online activities from one easy to manage place.Within you can gather, store and share any combination of content, putting it into separate private spaces for each of your groups, projects and purposes.

Our unique canvas allows you to visually share and organise your content, whilst seamlessly allowing you to communicate with friends and colleagues via the inbuilt chat and email functions.

This way you can save time by quickly retrieving your information, stored conveniently in one place. No more \”where did I save it\”, just log into from any device, anywhere via your browser and go.

Not only that, the array of tools at your disposal using have been designed to harmonise, helping you expedite any collaborative tasks you might be doing with friends or colleagues alike.

Target Market Consumers
How will you make money? Yet to be decided
Tell us about the market & founders, why is this a great opportunity? The founder of the company is a man called Tirath Bansal, who was born in Coventry. Before he established he was a successful management accountant who worked in several industry areas. Seeing potential in the Internet during the late 90\’s, in particular a singular code base, Tirath decided to set up myOrb at the end of 2011. From the age of 7 to 24 Tirath worked for his family, who sold shoes. Brining with him a wealth of real world experience, he has successfully navigated the tricky minefields which surround tech startups.
Founders Names myOrb Ltd
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