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Ed: Funny how things get screwed up, I nearly didn’t feature this pitch, the details as submitted were a little incoherent and I thought that perhaps someone had let the intern do PR for their company.

But I went and had a look at Pipefy and blow me down but it’s actually excellent, both in idea and execution.

Business processes are one of the toughest things to get right in a new business and if you happen to find yourself in charge of a fast growing business you almost always end up writing custom software to make those processes work properly.


This usually happens when you are stretched for both resources and cash. So if Pipfy can live up to their great looking app this promises to be an excellent way to help startups and businesses keep track of a lot of processes that are currently manually done, kept on spreadsheets or spread between numerous systems.

Good luck guys, great idea.


Startup Name Pipefy
What problem are you solving? Like our users, we also struggled to find a good solution. All options available were too expensive and hard to adopt. Beyond license costs, It was required to spend thousands of dollars with IT consultants to customize and implement the available solutions. We know the problem like the back of our hand and know the pain points of our competitors. All of us worked in the field for years modeling processes, with management consulting, ERP implementations and BPM implementations.
What is your solution? We’re a workflows & process management tool for startups. We help them to organize and run their processes in one place, without the help of IT guy or consultants. We have free templates based on the best practices of A/B Testing, Agile Software Development, Bug Tracking, Content Marketing, B2B Sales Pipeline, Product Roadmap and others… Instead of running your operation with spreadsheets, forms or a patchwork of vertical softwares, you can keep everything organised and running in just one place with Pipefy.
Target Market Businesses
How will you make money? $15 per user / month
Tell us about the market & founders, why is this a great opportunity? Alessio Alionço
I founded, raised money, grew and sold my first startup, a local services marketplace called Acessozero (1MM users) acquired by Apontador.com in 2012 (www.apontador.com). Before be an entrepreneur, I worked with M&A and turnarounds at Go4 (www.go4.com.br), a brazllian M&A consulting firm. I acted as a product and sales management specialist, recruiting, training and managing sales teams across different industries like foods, services, b2b, logistics and others.Leandro Johann
More than 15 years of experience on software architecture & development, working on implementation, development, automation and integration ofERPs,CRMs andBPMs like Microsoft Dynamics AX, MSSharepoint,Salesforce,TOTVS,FLUIG andDatasul on multinational companies in Brazil and Mexico. I master and teach agile development methods like Scrum, XP (Extreme Programming) and TDD (Test Driven Development).Magnus Varassin Arantes
As a entrepreneur have completed the cycle from starting to exit a company a few times. Is a global board member of HBS Angels, a group of angels of HBS alumni. Also an angel investor by his own and professional VC, running a seed stage fund in Brazil. So, he have also completed the complete cycle again as investor. One of this cycles was with Alessio’s first company called Acessozero, where he was investor. Due to the good experience they keep working together and joined Pipefy, as angel investor again.
Founders Names Alessio Alionço,Leandro Johann,Magnus Varassin Arantes
Website http://www.pipefy.com
Twitter Handle @pipefy
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Pitch your Startup, App or Hardware or post a Startup Event or Startup Job

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