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Startup Name Spyrix Employee Monitoring
What problem are you solving? Spyrix os not only time management for employees, but also a powerful security system and protection from leaks of business information.
What is your solution? Spyrix Employee Monitoring – is a modern solution for employees activity monitoring on PC.
Spyrix helps business owners to solve several problems:
1. Increasing employee productivity by monitoring the use of his time.
The application provides detailed log of employee activity that allows monitoring activity not directly related with the employee duties: games, social networks, video players, etc.
2. Control of delays and absence
3. Security and Data Leak Prevention
The application collects the following information:
– correspondence in chats and social network;
– search queries in Google, Yahoo, Bing, AOL, Yandex
– chats and talks in Skype
– using of printer
– using of internal devices (USB, SD Cards, HDD)
– video recording from the web camera
– voice recording from the microphone
– web-surfing
– activity in Facebook and LinkedIn social networks
4. Information for internal investigations
Collected data may also be used for internal investigationsSpyrix Employee Monitoring is very easy in installation and configuration. Even an inexperienced user will manage Spyrix, so there is no need to hire technical specialists to configure and maintain it.
Spyrix is a cloud system. An application-agent installed on employees computers sends all data to Spyrix server.
Cloud technology allows avoiding to use expensive dedicated servers and provides remote access to the data through web account from any place and any device.

Spyrix Employee Monitoring was developed for using in small and medium companies with up to 100 people.
Realizing that small companies are not ready to spend much money for buying such applications, Spyrix released its product with low tariff plans compared to competitors.
A year of service for a company with 10 people is $219. It is less than $2 a month for an employee.
With the release of Spyrix Employee Monitoring the market got a new, modern and very cost-effective solution in the sphere of employees activity control for small business.

Target Market Businesses
How will you make money? 5 employees: $169/year; 10 employees: $219/year; 20 employees: $349/year; 50 employees: $579/year
Tell us about the market & founders, why is this a great opportunity? Anatoly Nevelev
Founders Names Anatoly Nevelev
Founders Email NA
What type of funding has the company received? NA
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Website www.spyrix.com
Twitter Handle spyrix_com
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