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Startup Name Eltoro.com
What problem are you solving? Any company that needs to place online advertisements in front of a specific sub-set of people, an individual building, a certain city/county/state district, or any other segmented audience, has never had the ability to do so in an exact fashion until now.ElToro.com\’s technology allows for the targeting of universities, capitol buildings, hotels, convention centers, businesses, homes, and/or a collection of all those aforementioned locations which could be spread throughout one State or all fifty. ElToro.com does this by using a patent-pending IP technology that allows for the most hyper-targeted advertising available on the Internet.
What is your solution? ElToro.com is disrupting the display and banner advertising world by placing online advertisements to specific individual buildings, key locations, and homes by utilizing IP targeting. No other company has a 1-to-1 IP targeting solution, which makes ElToro.com the most hyper-targeted advertising company in the world.By mapping over 160 million home and business IP addresses in the United States back to their corresponding physical mailing address, Eltoro.com can surface online display ads to almost any household or business using IP targeting technology.

Before ElToro.com invented the concept of 1-to-1 IP targeting, there was no way to surface display advertisements to individual buildings or homes. With ElToro\’s IP targeting technology, you can show your online display ad to a specific building, home, airport, university, or any other Internet-equipped location simply by obtaining it\’s physical mailing address.

Direct response shops, online advertisers, and B2B/B2C marketers can even use their existing physical mailing lists to place digital ads in front of the same people that they would normally send postal mail.

The campaign setup process is simple:

1.) Provide a list of physical mailing addresses or key locations that you want to see your digital ads
2.) Provide the display ads along with the link to your landing page
3.) Tell us how many times you want the household to see your ad
4.) The campaign begins and the people at the locations that you provided will see your ads when they browse almost any page on the Internet that has advertising

Contact us today to see how ElToro.com can place your ads in front of the people who matter most!

Target Market Consumers
How will you make money? Cost Per Thousand Impressions (CPM)
Tell us about the market & founders, why is this a great opportunity? With a management team that has more than 11 successful technology exits combined, Eltoro.com\’s founders and principals have a diverse set of skills spanning data centers, web hosting, medical, web traffic services, and more. For more information please see our leadership page: http://eltoro.com/works/leadership-team/
Founders Names Chris Montague
Founders Email NA
What type of funding has the company received? NA
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Website www.eltoro.com
Twitter Handle eltorodotcom
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Pitch your Startup, App or Hardware or post a Startup Event or Startup Job

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